Tired but Inspired

So while I’m pretty worn out tonight, I did want to get a quick post in on what’s going on and some ideas for upcoming posts.

I’m going to work with Skeleton Jack posting about leveling builds for Death Knights. I’m pretty excited about it, it’s actually got me back into the game a little. Now I’ve got to focus on leveling Geistig and hopefully getting some raiding in (or trying to) before the next patch goes live. I want to get some real experience in with the Death Knight Dual Wielding DPS build. =Somehow I don’t think I’ll even make it to heroics by then. Partially because I’m also going to do some research on leveling builds over on the PTR and I’ve got guild mates to help out. It’s what I do, asking me to stop that would be like asking me to stop breathing.

Speaking of helping out, I want to do a series of posts for the benefit of folks who started the game around the time that WotLK was released. It seems that there’s lots of material out there on raiding, but what about folks who rolled their very first toon the day the rest of us were rolling Death Knights. Well I figure that it wouldn’t hurt much to throw out a few posts on how to get the most out of WoW (and maybe even enjoy it) even if you haven’t been playing WoW since the beta.

Well gotta get some sleep, night all!


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13 years ago

Works for me I prefer DPS. Yeah I’m working out some leveling builds too for post patch so those’ll help a bit.

13 years ago

I have no idea how to build a DK so anything you post would be helpful to me.
Then I can roll up a Belf DK on your server and tank my guts out 🙂

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