Blogging, the Maddening Hobby

So today I saw there were some updates to (which is the underlying blog publishing engine of Creeping… here) so I decided, hey, let's load 'em up.

And I blew out my blog… AGAIN…

I really need to stop experimenting with my blog. It really just ends up costing me a whole bunch of time that I really don't have.

Safe to say this means that there was no leveling tonight and also no more work on the guild front. This of course really makes me cranky because there was stuff I wanted to post to the new guild site, there was stuff I wanted to do for work (yeah I work after hours) and other stuff. What did I end up doing? Rezzing my blog.

Safe to say I've learned a few fun lessons about SQL server and IIS that I'll be taking note of for future reference. Honestly I should probably just migrate over to WordPress, but hey, there's a lot about that I like. Ok the fact that my comments don't work and it's about as sassy a dude with Main Tank Syndrome, I can slap in new pages from Windows Live Writer, I've finally set it up so that It'll display videos, and I've finally got a twitter panel!

My god… this is what blogging will do to you. Run, run now while you still can!!

No seriously, there's something nice about being able to finally publish some of my writing. I don't receive a lot of press about it. You won't see Creeping featured in WoWInsider or even on one of the technobable blogs. Nope for the most part I blog because its a safe and sane way to get some serious venting on when I need to, and since I have the mind of a steel colander, it's a great way for me to keep notes about specs or just about how I tweaked that one thing that one time… You get the picture.

Now hopefully over the course of the week I'll be able to get some posts in about my new guild Ghost Walkers and about working on my Death Knight. I'm looking forward to helping some friends work on some new toons. Azmim even re-rolled as an Undead Mage recently so I'm looking forward to trailing behind her with Tanzengeist and keeping her alive. Hey, keeping Mages alive can be a challenging and rewarding past time. At least it has been so far. While that will mean less time spent on leveling my Death Knight, honestly, I'd rather spend my time combing the Barrens with friends than questing Solo or begging for group spots so close to the top of the food chain. Maybe it'll be different once I've spent some more time back on Uldum, and I run into folks I'd met before my exodus.

Wish me luck as I'm off to find something else to destroy just by looking at it. Seriously, I'm about two steps away from calling myself Medusa.



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13 years ago

Yeah, or a Mage since they get polymorph. Wouldn’t be a bad DK name either. Reminds me, I should switch up Kleine’s talent tree for Demonology (Felguard) see what I think about it.

13 years ago

Hey Medusa would be a great toon name – now what would she be? Hum maybe Undead warlock? Heehee – what do you think?

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