The Shammy Twins Hit 40 and Aftermath Prepares for … Gnome Raiding?

Yeppers… level 40 means Mail! Finally a chance to wear some armor that can take a few more dings. I love that. While I’m not leveling quite as fast as I’d like to this weekend, I’m also feeling like ass warmed over due to a lovely head cold I’ve been fighting all week. I give this cold about a 3 out of 5 soggy tissues, it’s tried hard but it hasn’t fully knocked me out.

Creep > Cold = Win!

Once I can push this cold out of the way though I’m looking forward to actually getting some real leveling in. Last week I wasn’t too excited about the whole thing because honestly, I wasn’t sure how things would look for me once I made it to 80. Now however I’ve been reassured by my guild mates that there’ll be some room for me once I get there, but to hurry my butt up there so I can join in on the fun!

That… I am totally stoked about.

Oh and I’m totally stoked about our all Gnome Mage raid on Hogger scheduled for next week. Sound like a waste of time and energy? Well yeah that’s the point. Um wait no, that’s not exactly the point. The point is that we’ve got a lot of new players as well as players who were running Molten Core back in the 8 hour 40 man run days. So we’re setting up events like this so that everyone in the guild can get a chance to hang out in the same place and at the same time. I mean otherwise how else would a slacker like me get a chance to hang out with folks that are usually running Heroics?

So the rules of the game to date are that everyone has to roll a Gnome Mage (gender is a matter of choice of course). Then we’re all leveling these Gnomages to 6 and parking them in Goldshire for the event. Safe to say it should be a total blast. That and it should pretty thoroughly traumatize the population of Rexxar since they seem to have something against Gnomes. I think they’re cute, and according to my Undead Priest, they taste like Chicken Nuggets…. MMmmmmmmmm….

I’ve already made my mini Mage in preparation for the event. I even kind of named her after my URL by giving her the name Creepthemage. Safe to say my guildies (well the ones that have found my blog) had a good chuckle over that one. Personally, I’m still rolling over the rather interesting names adopted by some of the other guildies. Talta, who I run with all the time because she’s awesome, has already created her gnomage too, but she went a little overboard and hit level 8. We talked it over with the event coordinator and she’s allowed to have a level 8 ‘handycap’ for the event. I’m stoked because this means she’ll get a chance to be the big gnome on the block. (*insert unstoppable laughter here*)

No really she was pretty well pummeled when we ran through Molten Core, so I’m pretty stoked to see her get a chance to be the heavy hitter. Well instead of maintaining her current guild forum caption “queen of dirtnaps”.

We’re hoping that this will be a regular thing and be a good way for us all to get to know each other and well keep things that way. There’s a lot to WoW that can alienate guild members. For folks that prefer PvP, they may not spend as much time with the folks working on PvE. For the folks that are leveling their first toon or even some alts, they may not spend as much time with the folks at 80 running Heroics or doing dailies. This is kind of a great way for everyone to let their hair down (or maybe just size down?) for a bit and get a little fun in.

I mean after all, why spend you’re free time (which as a grown up you don’t get nearly enough of) doing something that isn’t any fun?

PS: I’m also using XFire to snag some video footage. I’m considering posting some of these things on my site as videos. That was actually part of what got me into playing WoW in the first place was all of the videos folks were making using the game as a backdrop. Getting video is one thing, displaying it is another. So that’s what I’m looking in to.

Until next time



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13 years ago

@Lann yeah it looks like it’s going to be interesting to say the least.

@H00LiGAN I think you should come along it should be fun. Yeah I think Utgarde is the first instance. My XFire ID is CreepTheProphet.

13 years ago

My Xfire log on is Scarybooster. Add me slacker!

13 years ago

Ok ok…. Sheesh!

Rofl, logging on to add.

miss elf
13 years ago

Your guild sounds like so much fun! My very first guild was like this – fun little events, people hanging out… The game has gotten way too dull. Glad to see someone’s living it up still!

13 years ago

Thanks, we’re trying to keep things fun. There’s a lot to WoW and sometimes it seems like folks focus so much on one or two parts of the game, and forget about the rest.

13 years ago

I’m going to have to look up that event. I think I have a gnome Mage I just rolled up the other night for a giggle.

I heard Hunting was making some Tuxedos? :$

13 years ago

Garsh, I think I need to try and make this event!
What’s your xfire id Creep? I am H00LiGAN (I think).

Just about to hit 70 with the shammy, so it’s time to hit an instance. What is first? Utgarde?

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