Don’t Feel Like Questing… Mod the UI

Well I recommended using CTMod (Link) to a guildie in one of my previous posts. Then I realized that I hadn’t really played with it much and that I probably should dink around with it a little more before telling other folks “here go play with this”.

Ok that and there’s a cold going around out here that’s trying really hard to kick my butt so I decided to just goof off this evening. I really wanted to get some solid research in on the Shaman’s abilities, but after a day at work, it just wasn’t going to happen. So I logged on to one of my ‘stealth’ toons, Tanzengeist, and dinked around with CTMod.

So aside from dragging the chat window to a new place and turning off the end cap griffins all the remaining changes in my picture here were done with CTMod. There are two different parts of CTMod that come into play here.

First up is the CT_BottomMod which controls the default WoW controls at the bottom of the screen. This mod unlocks the action bars, the xp bar, the main controls and the bags. With these unlocked it’s easy to move them around or even hide the ones that you’re not worried about looking at. It doesn’t do anything with the Gryphon end caps on either side of the bars though. To turn those off you can use these scripts (ie. type them into the chat window, to bring them back just replace the “Hide” part with “Show”) (Source Link):

/script MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide()

/script MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()

Then we come to the CT_BarMod. This mod lets you move around action bars, resize them and even bind keys to the spots for you spells, abilities, trinkets, pots, toys, well you get the picture. I shrunk mine down quite a bit for this test just because I wanted to see how much of the screen I could free up to view things like mobs running at me. I also wanted to set up the key bindings so that it’ll be easier for me to throw any one of the number of totems that I’ve collect as Tanzengeist progresses. Since let’s face it, different totems apply to different situations, it’s really nice to be able to not only have them out where I can see them, but also be able to drop them with a key press, or two. Now with the totems loaded into the bars, they’ll display a cooldown timer so that I’ll know right when I can cast that totem again. Sometimes numbers are good… Notice I did say sometimes.

So from a ooooo aaaaaaah standpoint, I still like the way that the Spartan UI looks. It’s classy. The downside is, what you see is what you get. I’ve gotta say though, Bartender does make key binding a breeze.

CTMod is really more intimidating at first because there’s a lot to it. Once you dig in a bit though there’s a lot of flexibility there which is good and bad. It’s good in that you can totally change the way the game looks and how you access things. It’s bad because you could spend a few hours lining up the bars. Then again that could just be me. >.<

This is just the surface of what CTMod can do. There’s Raid Frames, Buff displays, even Map Mods. I haven’t had a chance to play with all of it yet, but so far I like what I’ve seen. The down side to all these fun features is that CTMod is a little heavier than the Spartan UI and Bartender combo. So if your system is already grunting and groaning, you may want to consider the Spartan UI and Bartender combo or just choose to use a handful of the CTMod add ons.

Ok well off to bed, I was hoping to make this an early night, and hey posted before midnight so maybe it is after all!



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