Shammy Twins take on Uldaman…

So I’ve been pretty leery instancing with the twins. I mean yeah trying to run through and instance with a second toon in tow is ‘challenging’ at best. At worst it just makes you look like a super mondo idiot. Safe to say I really don’t need any more help in this department, I’ve already got a reputation to uphold. >.<

Ok so actually the instance went pretty well. I mean considering the fact that I hauled both Shamans into Uldaman and stood them behind a Pally tank. This means that my level 38 Shaman were serving up DPS and heals for a level 48 Paladin. By now you should be thinking that not only is the author an idiot but she’s mad as well. 😀

How’d the instance go? Well it was at the very least a success in that the Paladin completed one out of the two quests he logged in to complete. I feel kind of bad for him because it did take a little bit longer to get from the instance start to the end boss than I’d have liked. Why? Well for starters I wasn’t running him through the instance with my level 63 Death Knight, I was running with him with two 38 Shammans. Also I’d somehow managed to turn off the instance maps and notes for Cartographer… /facepalm

Ok I’ve been through Uldaman quite a few times in the last few months so I’m getting the hang of the place. But I’ve also been through Dire Maul, Maraudon, Stratholm, even Molten Core and then some. Safe to say that I don’t have any of these instances memorized (nor have I memorized the quest item locations for these instances either). For the most part that kind of info is only stored in temporary memory and not saved in long term storage. Honestly, that’s why people have spent a lot of time and energy creating Thottbot and WoWWiki, that’s why I use those sites. That and so that there’s still enough room in long term storage to remember where I keep my socks. Very important… those socks.

Fortunately though I only got turned around really well once and managed to make it back on track to taking out the last boss in Uldaman.

The group was taken out once, but since both Shamans have picked up Reincarnation, it wasn’t a huge deal. We managed to collect a huge pack of mobs and the Pally was put down just as Enecreep ran out of mana. Elecreep’s heals on my current action bar were macros set to heal Enecreep. So you can imagine just how much that sucked. Elecreep was the next one to go down so as the Pally was saying “uh oh” over vent, I was running around the corner to die in a place where I knew I’d loose aggro and then hit my passive self rez. Best part is of course, after bringing myself back, I drank, rez’ed the tank and waited for him to regenerate health and mana a little before rezzing Elecreep. I had a sinking feeling that she’d pull aggro as soon as I rezzed her and sure enough… poof.

By that point the Pally had already laid the smack down on a couple of other mobs and and was working on those. To his credit though he managed to pull the aggro off the twins.I pretty much focus all of Enecreep’s attention on healing the Paladin while Elecreep blasts the crap out of the mobs. I’m also throwing down my Healing Stream Totem and my Magma totem to help regenerate health a little and to help bring the mobs down faster.

Two pulls later the Pally stops to take a drink. I get Enecreep drinking and change out the macros on Elecreep’s action bar so that she has a dedicated heal set just for the Pally (which reminds me…). So for the rest of the instance I follow these procedures on each pull. First off I wait until he’s popped off a few skills to gain aggro, then I threw down the Healing Stream and Magma Totems and set Elecreep to pounding on the nearest mob and hitting Flame Shock whenever up. As for Elecreep, she was either blasting away on the same mob Enecreep was working on (which is how I have the macros set up) or she was healing the Paladin.

Honestly, I’m still not sure how we made it through the last two instance encounters. I swear that I was spamming heals with Elecreep while making sure my totems where still up, all the while trying to blast the bosses. >.<

Don’t get me wrong the Pally was working his butt of too. He did a friggin’ awesome job holding aggro and off healing himself and either one of the twins as he was able. He wasn’t slacking by any stretch of the imagination. I feel pretty bad for him because I didn’t think he was expecting the run to be as challenging as it was, and I think he was really glad to get his quest item and log off to get some sleep. Wish I could say the same heh. >.<

The experience did reward my Shammy twins with level 39, they both leveled up while in the instance. Really though it was just another one of those nights that’s served to remind me of just how complex the Shaman class really is and just how much more set up and research I need to do in order to play one effectively. Ok not just effectively, but to play a Shaman to the best of my abilities. This of course means more time reading up and more time working on my UI configuration, macros and rotations. I think I also want to find a good totem timer add-on that’ll help me keep track of when my totems are due to expire so I can get another one out asap. I know there’s a few out there, I just need to load them up. Fortunately I figured out how to use WoWMatrix so that makes loading up new add-ons and keeping my current add-ons up to date a lot easier than downloading each one individually, unzipping… well you know.

As it is I’ve loaded up Spartan UI and I have to say that so far I’ve been greatly impressed. I doesn’t take up as much memory as the last UI tool I was using and it puts everything at the bottom of the screen. I can’t tell you how nice it was to just have my whole screen visible! It works with Bartender 4 and surprisingly Bartender 4 makes it really easy to bind keys to the abilities in the bars. It also displays about 6 bars at the bottom of the screen so there’s a lot of ability real estate to work with. This of course I’m super stoked about because it’ll give me a chance to spread out my Shammy spells and see what I have available as opposed to trying to write out macros that’d group them all together. Sure the macros save space by using up less room on the action bar, but then I also end up relying on a fraction of the Shaman’s abilities to get by, when there’s so many more fun options to choose from! Ok yeah… I’m thinking it’s time to get some sleep.

So even though there was one wipe, Reincarnation saved the day (fortunately I’d picked up the reagents, now I just need to pick up the glyph that removes the need for the reagents). I’m also feeling a lot more confident about working with the twins and I’m thinking that more instancing may be in they’re future hehe. Before that happens though I’ve got some serous work to do setting up my bars and whatnot.

On a side note I picked up a new keyboard. It’s a Saitek Cyborg. I had planned on picking up a Logitec, but I really like the layout of this keyboard, the quieter/backlit keys and the placement of bindable keys. It’s not only pretty good for playing WoW, it’s perfect for middle of the night blog posts. Which seems to be the only time that I can concentrate enough to write more than “See DOS Run”… Don’t ask it’s a bad joke.

-Laters Creep


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13 years ago

Heh, so that’s why you have friends, to clue you in on stuff like this so that you don’t have to miss you’re rock. >.<

13 years ago

Also glyphs for Water Breathing and Walking.

13 years ago

Whaaaaaaaat! I have a rock and it is mine. I live under my rock. I will hug it and kiss it before I to to bed. It is my rock.

13 years ago

There is a gylph for no regents WHAT??? I too need to go back and do some instances. I need Uldaman, Maradon, BRD, LBRS, WC, RFD, RFK, and RFC. Right now I’m trying to hit 70 before this weekend.

13 years ago

Yeah the Glyph of Renewed Life, it’s a Minor Glyph. So no Ahnks required for Reincarnation if you have the glyph. ( I picked one up on my Shaman on Bronzebeard but I’ve been slacking with the Shammy twins.
Woot on 70. I’ll be happy to hit 40 with these two by the weekend. (Starting to get sick, yeesh).

13 years ago

I know Silo uses Perl xframes. I liked that ok but once you throw in some other add ons it can become a little memory intensive. There’s also CTMod which is sort of like a cross between Perl and Bartender. I tried out CTMod and I’d stick with it if it condensed the UI as much as Spartan UI.

Well if you want to hit up any of those dungeons while I’m online let me know I’m always up to run an instance. 😀

13 years ago

I liked Spartan UI a lot, but I started having issues right clicking to get the context menu for party members. That made it a little painful to start up groups and stuff so I ended up removing it.

I immediately missed that the bulk of my game info was at the bottom of the screen. I find the default unitframes are way out of reach heh. I might go digging for some unitframe thing addon, but not sure.

I’m going to have to go back and hit up some of those old world dungeons – I’m missing a number of them with Lannister. hehe

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