What’s Your Shot?

So yeah I was tagged by Smakendahead over at Random Ogre Thoughts (Link). He’s also one of the most fun people to have in your guild bar none. When Smaken logs in I know that laughs are on the horizon. Oh and he has copyrighted the word “Awesome”. But not ‘Aus-some’ which was floating around the guild a bit (made off my character name Auslander). So now I have to share my 6 screenshot and reveal my secret toon.

So here it is in all of it’s shining glory. My 6th screenshot was of the shark teeth opening to Booty Bay, which became one of my favorite places as soon as I was introduced to the boat at Ratchet.

I mean come on, who can’t love a place with a name like that? Booty?

So yeah on the toon, this is Kleineubel. She’s a Blood Elf Warlock and is the first character that made it past level 10. I still LOVE rolling Horde over rolling Alliance, but no I’m not going back to Horde any time soon. Yesterday I even had to admit that I kind of miss rolling into the Barrens and NOT getting bombarded with the hurricane of stupid otherwise called ‘Barrens Chat.’ I mean if nothing else the one thing I like about the Horde is that there’s solid things that you can expect to happen all the time.

There’s always a bunch of level capped dudes greeting each other between the bank and AH in Ogrimmar. The Crossroads is always under attack. Finally there’s always SOMEONE that has a Chuck Norris joke that they’re itching to share. Ok so while I should think that these things are cheesy as hell and not want to have anything to do with them, I have to level with you, its just these things that give playing Horde some real character.

I’m kind of fortunate though, we have some Hordie transplants in my guild so they’re pretty supportive. When I just miss it too much though I log over on to Strategeist and just watch the Trade Chat text scroll on by.

Ok Ok, enough of that mess. So in my defense my screen shots have drastically improved over the course of my WoW (time, career, experience, ???), stuff. But here’s a couple more of Kleine. Oh and yes almost all of my character names have had some form of German in them up until the Creep twins.

As for the Meme? Well I’m not going to shout out to other bloggers, since I’m pretty sure that there aren’t a lot of other bloggers that um, read this blog. So I figure that would be kind of mean of me. I will however leave an open invitation for anyone interested to tell all about their favorite screen shot of all time. Personally I love screenshots, which is why my blog is LOADED with them.



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13 years ago

My favorite screenshot is of me posing on the beach in Cally. I did it for Cosmo back in the summer of 69. I had my tight black Speedos on and the sun was making the waterr droplets glisten on my smooth tanned skin… Oh wait, I wasn’t alive in 69. What was I talking about again? Who are you and what am I doing here?

13 years ago

0.o Seriously, that one gets the “dude”…

You’re name is Inego Montoya, and you’re here to knock of a dude with 6 fingers on a hand or something. 😀

Hey I should be able to take advantage of this to have some fun!


[…] Oddly enough, I got a track back today which originated from this post which is pretty old. At first I thought Creep was just behind on catching that I tagged her in a meme but looking at her post it is from months ago. […]

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