WoW Macros and Dual Boxing

Okee Dokee so as promised here’s a little work up of my Dual Boxing experience so far and the Macros I’m using to make it happen.

First off, the pic to the left here is my set up. I went with a dual hardware approach. Evidently you can run two WoW accounts on the same computer. I didn’t really feel like pushing my Desktop that hard so I figured I’d use a second machine. This is where my “craptop” comes into play (I should probably patent that name).

Both computers are running Vista Ultimate (for the most part I don’t have a lot of problems with it, in fact I actually like Vista, but I’m also a person that doesn’t mind fixing things, maybe that’s why).

My little craptop doesn’t really have a ton of processing power (it was put out when manufacturers grossly underestimated what was needed to run Vista and oh ANY OTHER PROGRAMS /sigh, that’s a rant for another day). Awesomely enough, it’s able to run WoW in a totally stripped down format. This would suck if this was my only machine. The good news is that the account running from my craptop is just running around behind the character on my desktop. I also have an old Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit hooked up to the craptop and use that to fire and heal from the second toon.

My Desktop, well that’s my baby. I put it together myself almost a year ago. Yeah of course that means that it’s out of date already but meh, I still love it  . This machine I built to run Vista and … make machinima. Yeah I never really got around to making the videos, mostly because I started playing WoW and yeah. So this puppy sports a mere 4 gigs of ram, a dual core processor, and a 512mb video card. If you want details to drool/scold over, hit the contact button ^ and send me an e-mail. The coolest part is that it didn’t cost a ton to build this puppy (thanks to Fry’s) and I had it all put together in one day. In my defense, I didn’t know that it had the glowing lcd’s in the front but they’ve grown on me.

Ok now for the macros.


Ok so I’m using the twobox toolkit as suggested by SkeletonJack. It really helps out a lot and I’d suggest it for anyone that’s running more than one toon. There’s a few other add-ons that work in a similar way, but this is the only one I’ve used so far. When this add-on is activated toon one can get toon two to follow it by using the /followme emote. There is one little snafu here though. If you have someone/thing set as your target (like say a vendor or another player) when you type the /followme, the toolbox doesn’t set toon two to follow. So I created a /followme macro that sets toon two as the target before the /followme emote ensuring that toon two will be set to follow.

/target toontwo


Party Invite

So to speed up party invites for toon two I also set up a little macro that invites toon two to a party, sets the group loot to free for all (this makes it a lot easier to pick up collection quest items with toon two and then toon one so I can keep track of who gets what), it also sets toon two to follow toon one.

/invite toontwo


/target toontwo


One Button Water Shield and Flametongue Weapon

So since I’m binding these macros to my toolbar, that takes up some real estate. Yeah I could set up bartender or something, but I just haven’t done that yet. Instead of working out multiple action bars, I’ve just written a macro. Yeah I always work harder to be lazy, it’s just how I roll. So I set up a macro that will cast Water Shield on the first press, then casts Flametongue Weapon on press two. Now the downside of these macros is that if you don’t set it up correctly you’ll end up either stuck on the second spell OR you’ll have to cast the second spell even if you don’t need it just so that you can get back to casting the first spell. I pretty much have to reset Water Shield after every encounter, but the Flametongue Weapon buff lasts a lot longer that the Water Shield (mostly because it doesn’t get knocked off). So to compensate for this I set the macro to reset on combat. You can however change the macro to reset after a number of seconds or under other conditions (at this time I can’t remember what the conditions are off the top of my head).

/castsequence reset=”combat” Water Shield, Flametongue Weapon

Throwing Heals

Okee dokee, finally I wanted to set up a macro that would make it a little easier for me to throw heals on the fly. I rolled Shammy because I actually like healing. It’s something I do pretty much instinctively. So I set up a Macro that’ll heal a player as long as my mouse is over them. If they’re targeted that helps, but I figured the mouseover would work pretty well too.

/target mouseover

/cast Healing Wave

So that’s what I’ve got for now. Fortunately the Shammy twins hit 35 last night. Thanks to these macros and the add-on Tourguide, I’m running along a lot more swiftly now. Sadly though I’ve been spending a lot of time working the Auction House to make enough gold to pay for training and mounts. It’s amazing how rewarding it can be to actually sell stuff on the Auction House.

I’ve also found a really cool plug-in for Live Writer that lets me insert some really interesting emotocons into my posts.

This one’s one of my favorites:  

Ok well that’s it for now. I’ll answer questions if you have them. Just leave a comment or hit the “Contact” button up there ^ and it’ll send me an e-mail.



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