One More Macro Note…

Okee dokee, so I wanted to make a note of this before I konked out for the night. So ever see those macros that have the player’s name in them? I have and I love them. So I was wondering just how to get those into the macro. Fortunately I was talking to a guild mate Neferati today and it’s actually pretty simple. So when you’re adding the message to the macro you use %t in the place there you want the players name to show up and *poof* you there you have it.

So a handy macro for my Shammies would be:

/target mouseover

/s Healing %t

/cast Healing Wave

Ok so to break it down, the “/target mouseover” would set my toon’s target as whatever I have my mouse on, the “/s Healing %t” would say in chat that I’m healing the target, and then the “/cast Healing Wave” would, yeah, hehe, heal the target.

And good times where to be had by all. Especially one of’s level 80 Rogues that got the Explorer title tonight. A bunch of us joined Chill in Stormwind to celebrate. Of course Since Elecreep was getting loaded, Enecreep had to be the sober one taking embarrassing screenshots… Well that’s the joke anyways. Grats Chill!

And to all a g’night!



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