Update: Cleaning Up and a Little Leveling

WoWScrnShot_021209_215035 Ok you got me. Why haven't I been posting as much as I usually do? Mostly because I haven't had much to report on the leveling front. I've been doing some more research on the Shaman talents and I'm slowly formulating some talent build ideas. I've also been running around Azeroth picking up good for the Auction House so that I can make enough money to hopefully keep the Shammy twins trained up and geared up.

Talk about high maintenance, those two are not cheap. I'm also bound and determined to make sure that Enecreep has more than enough money for her epic mount. Considering the fact that I'm spending more time at the Auction House than I'm spending on leveling, chances are that won't be much of a problem.

I'm kidding. No really, I'm kidding. 😀 SO today I did get a chance to start using the add-on Tourguide. It's sort of like quest helper except it's tells you which quest to go to next as opposed to guiding you to the next closest quest. Yeah it's almost like cheating, but for folks like me that tend to get distracted when they're doing anything outside of an instance, this may well be a leveling saving grace.

We'll see though I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with it tonight. After getting in some serious Auction House action on my Bank Alt (which will forever remain nameless), I logged over to Auslander. Whew, I had a LOT of mail to sort through. Guildies that needed Armor Kits, Locked boxes, and just junk that I'd sent to myself for some ungodly reason. Yeah all of that had to be cleaned out. Then I logged over to the twins for a little bit of leveling, and rounded out the night by clearing out Teufeltanz's bags.

I'm really tempted to just delete Auslander and Teufeltanz. Really my reasoning would be that it'd FORCE me to log onto the Shamans exclusively. Now that I look back on it, all of my indecisions regarding continuing to level the Rogue really started to come to a head after creating Teufeltanz the Death Knight.

I just really enjoy playing the Death Knight class. It just has a fantastically spooky element to it. Not to mention the fact that the mechanics of the class put you right up where the action is. I really like that. Don't get me wrong, I know I'll be able to do the same things with my Shaman, and even a lot of things that my Death Knight can't do like oh Heal. Of course those are the things I'm focusing on right now. I'm also trying to focus on just how lonely running as a Death Knight really was. I quested solo, I completed group quests all by my self, it was really just a gal and her ghoul. Not that there's anything wrong with that but, well you know how it is. Sometimes it's nice to hang out with someone you can have a conversation with on topics other than, well, brains.

I rolled Shaman because I know it's a class I can get into, I also know that it's a class that isn't heavily represented in my current guild . Yeah part of me really wants to just hop onto a Death Knight and just blast my way to 80, but then a part of me says, yeah, but how's that going to effect you when you get there. I mean at least with a Shaman I know that there's going to be a need for heals if not for their DPS, so that's a solid bet leveling wise.

I guess today I just realized how much closer I was to 80 when playing Geistig. Yeah her leveling was at a snails pace, but she was so close to the end game. Now I'm fighting tooth and nail to FORCE myself to get into the grind and just level a friggin character already. I want to instance, I want to see the end game content, but sticking exclusively to the questing grind just grates on me to no end. Whoo hoo I just killed another one of the 10 things I have to kill so I can go back to some dude who's going to hand me 25 silver and a green chest item not suitable for my class, but hey that's 900 xp! Thhhbbbbbbtttttt! I give that one big raspberry.

Oh well, hopefully as the weekend approaches I'll be able to get some folks interested in some instancing.

Well night all!



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13 years ago

Thanks. They’re both stable platforms. WordPress has more options and themes available but they’re both easy to use and work well.

13 years ago

I’m always up for instance fun!
Don’t delete the rogue she will come in handy later for fun times.
The DK on the other hand…. I would keep it. But not very handy only a farming toon. My DK is benches at 71 till my Priest, Shaman, unrolled Warrior, Unrolled Hunter, unrolled Warlock, Unrolled Pally, and unrolled Druid are 80. Then I’ll play my DK I think

13 years ago

Sweet Scary I’ll have to hit you up for an instance if I see you online. Not to mention the fact that you just made me feel a WHOLE lot better about the whole thing. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that likes playing more than one class.

13 years ago

I need to hit up some instances soon. I really need to learn how to play my shammy in a group setting.

13 years ago

Yeah I’m with you. That and I need to set up some macros for that stuff too hehe.

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13 years ago

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