To the Dungeons I Have Loved Before…

So while I don’t have a whole lot of news to report on my Shaman twins, I did have one heck of a night instancing. Yes I even went to Molten Core. It’s one of those instances that I’ve heard about, but I never dreamed that I’d actually SEE it. As part of an all Raid group, I not only got a chance to see Molten Core, I got to conquer it!

Mini Shammy Update

So the night started out with me running around Elecreep a bit to work on her skinning. It still needs some love but hopefully her skinning’s high enough now to skin in the areas the twins are questing in.

More Instance 101 Action

At 9pm server I coached an Uldaman consisting of myself, Talta, Warrior and a Paladin. The Paladin was kind enough to step in as healer for the night, Talta and I were DPS, and the Warrior was the tank.

There were a couple of times that he lost aggro. I’m not going to hold it against him though, I mean Talta’s about 10 levels higher than the Warrior and I was almost 20 levels higher. For the most part I pretty much just sent in my pet for DPS to keep from drawing aggro and then pulled anything that decided to break away and hit the Paladin and Talta.

We completed the dungeon and even got the achievement for completing it. Best part is that no one died through the course of the whole instance. Considering the fact that I’m running these nights as ‘instancing 101’ it’s kind of nice to know that we were successful in the instance and it looks like we’re pretty successful in getting some positive dungeon experience on folks.

Teufeltanz Jenkins?

So once that was over, we hit the repair guy and yep, rushed to Blackrock Mountain for a little Rookery Action. Hehe, last night about 21 members of my guild picked up the Jenkins title. It was totally awesome! ‘Jenkins Night’ sponsord by Scarybooster was a complete success! Scary picked up the attunement and anyone level 45 or above got a chance to hit Upper Blackrock Spire to get Jenkins added to their name.

Ok so a brief history of what the hell I’m talking about. So to get the Jenkins title you have to complete the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! achievment. This achievement is based on the video of an Upper Blackrock Spire wipe in the rookery that’s fits into the lore and history of those who’ve played WoW in as much as Arthas fits into his frozen trousers. Just in case you haven’t seen the video, here’s it is:

Yep, now that is some classic WoW goodness.

Being a history buff in real life, seeing stuff like this from the old days of WoW not only makes me wish I’d had a chance to play the game earlier, but also really makes you appreciate just how tough the ‘vanilla WoW’ used to be. I mean we had 4 level 80’s in there and once we had the lower level folks sitting outside of the room, we were able to kill the 50 Whelps before I even knew what happened! /sigh


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