Leveling, Contemplating, and Jumping on the Bed…

Yes I this is me (well both of me) and Talta jumping on the bed at the inn in Stormwind. I’d have to think that this will probably be one of my more treasured screenshots.

I mean really, how many times in life is it ok to jump on the bed with your Mum? Pretty few I’d think, so yeah that’s why I’m totally loving this shot. There’s 3 or 4 of them in the folder but this was one of the only shots that didn’t have someone’s eyes closed and where all of them where displaying motion. Yes I’m that much of a dork that it took me a few shots to get it right, but seriously, classic moment!!

The Shammy twins hit all of 25 tonight, yeah it wasn’t much of a power leveling night. I spent a bunch of time in Dun Morogh leveling Enecreep’s Herbalism and Mining. I kind of like it there, lots of snow and very few people. I’d hit Elwynn Forest before that, but it was just a little too heavily populated for my tastes. Not sure about other servers, but on Rexxar, Elwynn Forest is basically the Alliance’s version of ‘ze Barrens’. If you haven’t visited the Barrens as a Hordie, it’s really almost worth leveling a Horde character just far enough to truck out there and listen to the badness. Yes I like madness, but I’ve been known to de-rail Barrens chat with intelligent conversation trust me it just adds a little I don’t know what.

So yeah one of the serious downsides to dual boxing (aside from having to watch two monitors as opposed to one) is that when using the RAF program, the toons level REALLY fast. This can make it a pain in the butt to keep their trade skills up at a useful level. The upside though is that there’s less chance to aggro mobs when you have to go back a few zones to skill up. Also it can be said that going on a gathering binge brings in some coin, and that’s always welcome in my book.

That’s the funny thing about WoW, it has climates, it has politics, and it has economics. Depending on how interested you are in any one of those you can spend time around them. Ok yeah I actually love the fact that it’ll rain so hard in Stranglethorn Vale that it gets hard to see things at a distance. To me it just adds to the suspension of belief, or in other words that element of a game that makes you temporarily tune into the game and tune out of the real world for a bit. The bummer part is that it has a system of currency, and just like in the outside world, it can get totally skewed. Sad part is it’s a lot easier to earn some coin in WoW than it is in real life (or at least it seems so on Monday morning, let me tell you). I’m slowly starting to get a grip on it and find ways to make enough coin get my characters what they need to get by in the game. It’s not as much fun as jumping on the bed, but meh…

Ok now on to the Contemplating bit. So I’m seriously considering setting up Elecreep with an Elemental/Restoration hybrid build I found on WoWWikki. Yeah I know, leveling a healer is a big fat pain in a number of sensitive areas, but I love instancing and one way to guarantee that I’ll get into some instances is to be able to throw out some heals.

Shamans are pretty strong healers, but for the most part their healing spells take a lot of time and a lot of Mana. This is where the Restoration talents come in. By reducing the time it takes to throw a heal and the Mana cost, I’d be able to heal more folks more often and be a much more efficent healer. I mean lets face it, no one wants to worry about whether or not their healer’s going to have enough mana to make it through the fight or have to stop after every pull because the healer’s run out of mana agian. Yeah I know this personally after trying to Shadow heal as a Priest. Vampiric Touch/Embrace, win, trying to heal without talents that speed and boost healing abilities, epic fail.

Also I’m thinking that well, Elecreep would have a slow grind ahead of her if specced with some healing talents while grinding solo. For the most part however, she spends most of her time blasting mobs and using Enecreep as a meat shield. So yeah since I’m not leveling either one of these two separately, it would just make sense to have one as a DPS/Tank type and one as a DPS/Heals type.

Just having the option to do this if I choose is really part of what makes the Shaman class so right for me. I like being self sufficient, I like having very little downtime, and I love having the ability to heal damage and still deal damage. It’s a beautiful combo if you ask me.

I’ll post more details on the spec I’m looking at (including a reference link) tomorrow. I still want to do some more reading up on the Restoration talents it suggests before I make up my mind. That and I’d might have to shell out some coin to re-spec Elecreep, but hey, when have I ever backed down from a crazy idea? Yeah I don’t know either.. *blush*




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13 years ago

Now that would be something!

13 years ago

Talk to Bits about the addon he was using for when he was dual-boxing his characters. It let him see the screen of his other alt embedded into his main screen… I think. He posted a picture of it in the thread about the UIs.

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