Putting Some More Levels on the Shammys

Ok so the Shammy twins on Rexxar went from 21 to 24 tonight. I could have pushed them a few more levels if I’d have quested a little more efficiently. In reality though I did pick up a few flight paths so that should make questing in the future that much faster.

I’m almost thinking the pair levels too fast. I no sooner get them into a zone and the quests have gone green. I’m not a big fan of working on green quests, even for the cash. For the most part I stick to yellow quests so I can get a little more xp for the buck. Not that I really need it considering the fact that when grouped these two get a ton of xp as it is. Then again, the higher level quests are also more of a challenge. Which to me is more fun.

My goal is still to get these two up to 30 before the weekend. At this point I’m not positive if I’ll meet that since I just passed out before logging in yesterday.

After having enough time, I’ve also got to come up with some solid ways to make some coin too. Since these two level so fast, a lot of what they make from just questing and selling goes right to the trainer. I’d have to say that’s one part of the game I still can’t seem to wrap my head around, that part with the coins. I’m sure it’ll click someday but just not today.

I did get a chance to run around some more with Talta today, I think she’s enjoying just helping me out. As the twins start to get into harder and harder stuff, Talta won’t be able to one shot things as often, but I’ll also be there to throw out some heals, so that should help.

Pretty much the only thing I’m bummed about is that I’m not instancing as much. As Auslander I was in and out of instances a lot more frequently. I’m not just talking about higher level folks running us re-rolling toons through stuff either. The other re-rollers were stoked to get into instances and I was only too happy to ask for a spot.

The dynamic in the lower levels is a lot different right now. Most of the lower level folks are pretty new to the game. So for them what instances we do run are more like training exercises. That’s pretty fun too, but it’s not the same as getting a chance to run through with other experienced folks. I guess an analogy would be the difference between hanging out with friends from schools as opposed to hanging out with younger siblings. Ok granted, not annoying like hanging out with younger siblings can be, but there’s still an experience gap there. But then again experience has to come from somewhere right?

Well that’s enough for me, I’ve gotta get some sleep. I’m looking at another hellish day tomorrow. Hopefully once that’s over I’ll be able to take some time to focus on the Shaman leveling specs I want to use and get some factual information published.

Until next time



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13 years ago

Yeah I’m really looking forward to 30, not just for Astral Call. I do need to boost their gathering skills a bit, I might just have to run around and do that first. It does never seem to amaze me how much time I spend just typing! Seriously I think I just need to spend more time in Vent.

13 years ago

Man my “R”‘s are not working for the word youR. R R R R R… Look I’m a pirate! R R R!

13 years ago

I would meet you goal of 30 and take the time off to do tradskills. For faster leveling with a Shaman set you Astral Call (15 minute hearth) to the closest inn to all your quests. Gather all your quests, complete all quest and hearth back. Rinse and repeat up to 5 times an hour. Start you quests from the furthest away from your bind point and work you way to center. I went from 50 to 60 in 2 days doing this solo. My 2 days was about 8 hours play time to include bio breaks and sending you tells while I was questing in Burning Stepps.

13 years ago

It’s just too easy to outlevel gathering skills when dual boxing. I’ve already gotta go back and work on some skills with the twins. I also just need so spend a day working on selling stuff off too hehe >.<

13 years ago

What Lannister said! Definitely pay attention to your harvesting skills. I outleveled mine with Muadeng and now I’m trying to catch it up so I can mine in the Outlands.

13 years ago

Making money is all about reducing the number of outlets for spending and then actually spending some time selling things. i.e. don’t do tradeskills, just do harvesting.

Another trick is buying low and selling high – but you need the $$ to get that going. Auctioneer, after you scan the AH, can help this.

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