Shaman Update: Water Totem, Ghost Wolf, and level 21

One of the coolest parts about being a Shaman is the Ghost Wolf form. It’s a spell that Shaman can cast that increases their travel speed by 40%. Sure it doesn’t seem like much when compared to say the 100% of the epic mount (and I don’t even want to think about how much faster flying is, I just don’t >.<). But hey when you’re trying to level up a pair of Shaman to catch up with a guild that’s already starting to get raiding parties together, every little bit helps. 😉

So that would be 6 levels since my last post, not a huge amount of levels mind you, but it puts me right where I wanted to be for the weekend. They also aren’t too far off from picking up mounts. I’ll probably slack on getting them mounts though since it’s going to cost me a bundle just to keep them trained up. I don’t really mind it though since Ghost Wolf form will work just fine for quite a bit.

Also Talta (yes she’s my Mom) has been helping me out with my quests when she’s online too. Thanks to her help yesterday I was able to skin up a ton of leather that I used to help gear up the Shaman twins. Neferati, one of my guild mates, also helped me out for a bit when he logged on. It’s really cool that my guild is willing to back track a little to hang out with me while I grind through these little quests. I’m really hoping that I can push through the next 40 levels pretty swiftly and get into the Outlands (basically where I was when I just couldn’t hang rolling Rogue any longer).

I did return Talta’s help though by helping her find one of the WoW holiday quests that was somewhere out behind Ravenholdt manner. After rolling Rogue, I finally figured out just what that place is for. I’d originally found it while just riding around as Geistig, my Undead Death Knight (one of the reasons I loved being a Death Knight, I could just GO anywhere I wanted and didn’t really get hassled much, well at least not by anything that wanted to continue breathing).

I’m actually really proud of Talta. She’s leveled up to 54 now and as a clothy even (Mage)! I’ve helped her out here and there but not really as much as I’d like to. That’s part of the reason I’d suggested she join my current guild . Since it’s on a Central time zone server, it’s a lot easier for her to find folks that are online the same time she is. It can be kind of trying for me at times though (since I’m in the Pacific time zone), but I’ve solo’d quite a bit so I’m sure a little more wouldn’t kill me. This also gives Talta some folks to reach out to when she’s stuck on something, otherwise she’d just be waiting for me to log in.

It’s also fun to watch just how much she enjoys the Holiday quests and events in WoW. We really had a good time doing the All Hallow’s Eve quests. I’d been too side tracked with my own projects lately though, and I’ve been missing out on just hanging out with her and having fun doing some of these sillier and just fun quest lines.

Sometimes I’m pretty bad at being a daughter and at just being a friend. It’s really easy to get sidetracked and so focused on personal goals. That’s true in game and out really. I’m just glad that I did get a chance to hang out with Talta, even for a little bit today. Since we live pretty far apart, this is one of those ways that we can still kind of hang out and stay in touch. Sure there’s the telephone and e-mail, but it’s really not the same as running up behind something that’s attacking your Mom, clubbing it upside the head and then throwing a heal. It really says, ‘hey, I care about you.’

Ok, yeah I know it’s weird, but I’m weird.

So over the next week I plan on trying to get the Shammy twins to 30 or at least close to 30. Then hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to push for 40. If I can keep up that pace I might be able to hit the Outlands in about two weeks. Seems like a lot of time, but compared to the amount of time it took me to get Auslander to the Outlands, that’s practically a blink of an eye. Keep in mind too that’s also taking a slightly slower pace, and spending more time offline. I’m kind of getting that good old “you’re spending too much time on the damn computer again” vibe lately, and yeah, that’s never a good thing. I’m not just getting it from outside, but also from myself. I think I just pushed too hard to try to level Auslander. While I don’t think I’ll be happy with myself until I get at least ONE toon to the level cap, I really don’t want to just try to grind away at it playing a class that I don’t really enjoy.

As it is, today was the FIRST time that either of the Shammy twins have died. For some reason the death statistics haven’t updated in the armory. It’s kind of cool to play a class that I can just keep alive, and the resurrect via the other one if things start to go south. The funny part is, I’m not sure that I’ll stop playing both Enecreep and Elecreep once I hit 60. I might just continue to dual box for a bit longer. Sure I won’t get the xp rewards any longer, but so far it’s been kind of interesting being my own group so to speak, hehe.

Also I know that I haven’t posted the talent specs that I’m using for these two or the info on Shammy weapons. That’s partially because my head’s been in a fog all weekend and I’ve had a hard time pumping out all the mist and getting the place dried out. Safe to say I still haven’t found a definitive Elemental leveling spec for Elecreep. I’m probably just going to have to go with something here soon and post what I have regardless.

Well until next time!



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13 years ago

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13 years ago

There aren’t as many pre-made themes as are available in WordPress. I’ve actually considered moving over to WordPress recently. I like a lot, but the community following isn’t as extensive (ie fewer plugins) so I’ve ended up doing a lot of work on my own or cobbling stuff together.

I’d say if WordPress is working for you now, you may want to stick with it and check in at the main page once in a while to see if they make any changes that would make the change worthwhile.

Also keep in mind too that is a Windows dependent platform. If you’re blog is hosted on a webserver running Linux, Blogengine.Net isn’t going to run.

Hope this helps, best of luck!

century 21 franchise
13 years ago

Hey – just checking out the platform on yoru site as I am looking to change over from wordpress. How are you finding it’s backend and themes?


Matthew Anderson

13 years ago

Wait, wait… Silo and Griff are father/son? Silo is a dad? My, my I thought Silo was a youngin’.

13 years ago

Surprise! 😀

13 years ago

I loved this post. It was great to see the personnal side with you and your mom linked together in WoW. Great read!

13 years ago

Thanks Scary… you should have been on vent one night when Talta and I went through Gnomer with Silo and Griff. Griff kept repeating “that’s your mom” until I finally had a chance to say “yes Griff she’s my Mom”. The funniest part was that meant we were running the instance with a mother/daughter and father/son party. Gotta be one of the things I like about WoW, there’s what goes on in the game and the real folks working from the outside. 😀

13 years ago

Hehe, yep she is. >.< It's fun getting to run with her too, she cracks me up. I am looking forward to getting into the outlands, I know it'll happen eventually. I have to say I'm totally focused on the Shammys, I've just kind of sunk into the class and I'm loving it. Leveling in the outlands is still faster than it used to be so I'm not sweating it too much. I'm just hoping that I'll have a chance to do some more instancing once out there this time. I haven't really played in the Outlands dungeons much and I'd really like to!

13 years ago

Wait, what!?! Talta is your Mom? No wonder I like her! lol
Anyway, with recruit a friend, you will be in the Outlands in no time. Took me about 3 weeks with irregular play time. Of course, now I’m spolied and I’m wondering why I’m not getting 2 levels a night.

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