Shaman Update: Hitting 15

Oy yeah I know, whoopie, 15, wow. That's a level I'd be embarrassed to announce in Guild chat. >.< But hey it's closer to 80 than they were 15 levels ago so I'll take it. I should be going a lot faster, but I'm also taking time out to chat a bit in the guild channel and to loot/skin as much as I can. Even with these interruptions the leveling so far has gone pretty fast. I'm stoked that I can actually pass up on quite a few quests but still get a lot of xp.

My guild has been really really supportive of my decision to make a change up. Last night and tonight Talta joined me out in the Draenei noob lands to get some solid questing in, and tonight Nef even dropped by for a bit to give me a hand. really is a great guild.

As for collecting the leather? Well since Auslander is a leather worker, I'm sending the leather I collect to her so she can craft some gear that'll help keep Elecreep and Enecreep at least semi protected and buffed as they level right along.

Tanzengeist and Shiftigeist are much further along and got there in a lot less time than these two will. That's really because they spent a lot more time in dungeons that Elecreep and Enecreep have. The xp generated from those runs can really get you up to the top fast.

Well I'm hoping to get some more time in this weekend and I should have these two up to at least 20 before the end of the weekend. I'll also want to log over to Tanz and Shifti a bit too, they've really grown on me.

Well gotta get some sleep. Night all!


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13 years ago

Thanks guys! I am having fun with these two. I’ve been using Auslander’s leather working skills to put some decent gear on them, that’s helped out quite a bit. I’ll totally be down for a run. Not sure if I’ll be on tonight either though hehe.

13 years ago

It is proud to be 15 as long as your having fun. I love my Shaman.

13 years ago

If I get on later tonight, hit me up for a SFK or WC run and I’d be glad to run your shamans through there. Both seem to have some pretty decent leather drops which would probably help some.

And no need to be embarrassed about dinging level 15!

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