The Votes are in, the Die is Cast, Creep Rolls Shaman

Arguably, I like the fluidity of the Druid and I think with more time, it’s a class I’d really enjoy. Thing is I don’t really have a ton of time what with working and well you know just plain living seems to take up a stupid quantity of time. Anywho, I’d been contemplating rolling a Shaman for my guild for quite a while. I’ve also done everything I can to keep myself interested in playing Auslander my Rogue because I didn’t want to come off as an Alt-a-holic in my new guild. When Aus hit 61 though, I realized that I just couldn’t hang anymore. It’s not that I don’t think Rogue is an awesome class, it’s just not exactly what I’d like to play.

I’m really getting into instancing. I love playing solo, but I like the idea of being able to find a group whenever and where ever or just go it alone if I choose. One thing I like about the Shaman class as a whole is that they just seem to solo really well. They also work really well in groups since their Totems buff the whole party, not just the Shaman.

Now that I’m getting used to having hooves and horns on my in game character, I’ve got to admit that being a shaman has really grown on me. I’ve got some research under my belt now, and I should be able to level these two fairly quickly and end up with a strong Elemental Shaman that will compliment the raiding toons already geared up in the guild.

To make sure that I stay interested in leveling these two, I’ve also set up another experiment. One Shaman I’ve named Enecreep, this one will have an Enhancement tree build for leveling, the other is Elecreep. This one will have an Elemental build while leveling. This should at least keep my attention until these two hit 60, then it’s off to the Shaman gear rich outlands and beyond.



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13 years ago

Yay, Aus is back! I just re-specced to elemental and I am loving it so far.

13 years ago

Hehe, thanks H00LiGAN! I think it’ll be pretty fun to see how they both work out.

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