The Experiment Continues Druid vs Shaman

Tonight wasn’t a power leveling night, mostly because I needed a little rest and relaxation time. Real life work and stress tends to compound on me every once in a while. I’m not a huge fan of it but you know, it happens.

So I spent a little time tonight completing the Water Totem quest line on Tanzengeist. I love the Shaman quests. They really make you feel like you’re a part of something and as I’d blogged about before, it really puts you in touch with where the power for your class comes from. No other class really has the same kind of depth.

Arguably there are Paladin quests for skills and mounts, there are Warlock quests for gear and mounts, the list goes on. Really though there’s just something about completing the quests to get each of the four elemental totems that just makes the character sort of well, grow up in my eyes. The Shaman quests really make you feel like you’re a part of more than just the struggle between the Horde and the Alliance, more than just a part of the Struggle against this end boss or another. No to me the Shaman quests sort of make you feel as if you’re backstage to the show of ‘life’ in a way. You speak to the spirits that harness the air, water, fire, and earth. The quests sort of serve to remind the Shaman in training that these forces are very destructive and by harnessing those powers the Shaman proves, well in this case, herself.

I created Shiftigiest first and of the two she’s still the higher level character. I’d created Shifti because I’d wanted to rule out playing a Druid as a class that I’d enjoy. I’d created Tanzengeist as my shadow character because I know that Shamans heal, resurrect and are fairly hearty (when they don’t have Scarlet Zelots breathing down their neck hehe >.<). I have to say though that I’m starting to remember why I’d enjoyed playing my Troll Shaman so much. Well aside from the fact that Trolls are just awesome, they have some of the most fun animations and awesome dance moves. I love the fact that I seem to create Shamans for practical reasons but then just end up loving the class.

I’d stopped playing a Shaman after rolling a Death Knight when WotLK was released. Now I’m feeling kind of silly for doing so. There’s just something about being able to take on mobs individually or take on multiple mobs just by using different tactics. Just by adding a destructive totem into the mix, I can continue to damage a target while healing damage I’ve received, not to mention each time they hit me it’s adding to my mana pool via my water shield.

So in reality what does this mean to me? It means reduced to little down time and the ability to solo quest. I really like this because well I’m stupid shy and I play late so it’s not as if there’s always a ton of folks online when I play. So I like playing a class that can take care of it’s self in most (if not all) situations, and I like the fact that I don’t have to sit to eat or drink after every other mob. Via their shape shifting, Druids are pretty mana/health efficient, but not quite in the same way.

I might change my mind once I get some one on one time with Shiftigeist (and once I get a chance to get all of her talent points allocated, I know I’m such a slacker). I also need to write a slightly more in depth post on weapons/specs for these two and I’ll probably work on that tomorrow since I’m getting a little more down time from power leveling. Not really a bad thing though since this is usually one of the more harried weeks for me at work and it’s been snowing here in Seattle AGAIN over the last couple of days so people are getting pretty silly again (that of course is just fun to watch).

Until next time.



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13 years ago

I don’t really have any of this go round, I was hiding out at home. Where it was warm and safe, hehe.

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