Update: Druid hits 24 and Shaman hits 22

So far my dual healer experiment is going well. Tanzengeist is already heading out for her water totem quest and Shiftigeist already has Cat form.

Some things I need to make notes on are weapons training for these two classes. I did get Tanzengeist trained up on a few weapons while in Exodar, but ended up having to complete the weapons training for single and two handed axes in Iron Forge.

Fortunately for Shiftigeist, training for Polearms is available right in Stormwind so she’s also trained up for this weapon (now available for Druids at level 20).

I have been allocating their talent points here and there as we move along, but I really need to go ahead and sit down with some good WotLK leveling spec information before getting them all set up.

So today my friend and I ran Tanzengeist and Shiftigeist through Deadmines at least 3 times (I lost count after a while hehe), once through Gnomeregan, and then through the Scarlet Monastery (Library and Graveyard). Unfortunately these two were just squishy enough to have every mob in the place running for them. I was usually quick enough to get at least one of them to safety before things went too bad and then ran back to rez the other.


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13 years ago

That’s awesome Lann!

13 years ago

Let me know if you need any Inscriptions for any of your classes. I’ve started getting some DK ones, including minor glyphs.

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