The Experiment: Druid if you do and Shaman if you Don’t

Yeah I think I need to have my head examined. TWO HEALERS. /oy. So I’d hit a wall with my Rogue and I was wondering if it was because I’d just become burnt out on the class or if there was more to it then that. You know the usual…. Right?

So yesterday the experiment began in full swing. My laptop is set up to run my Shaman on a Recruit a Friend account I’d set up. Yeah it took FOREVER to get everything downloaded, until I remembered that I was downloading via the wireless. >.< <–felt like a spaz

Once I ran a hard line to the laptop the download sped up enough that I was able to set up and get to work on my latest Tanzengeist, a Draenei Shaman. During all of the download nonsense I’d managed to get my Druid, Shiftigeist up to 11 and complete the quests for Bear form. Wow Druids in Bear form are AWESOME! But I’ll have to get back to that later.

I’d started working on Shiftigiest a little earlier in the week so she was up to level 11 yesterday when my friend logged on to help me start power leveling. My friend was ok with it and went afk to get some offline stuff done while my ‘craptop’ finished loading and I started cranking out levels on Shaman.

It took me a little bit longer than I’d wanted, but I did manage to get Tanzengeist 10. Then it was off to Deadmines. I summoned Tanzengeist to the Deadmines with Shiftigeist and we were off. Ok, well actually I’d tried summoning Tanz with Shifti a little lower than level 10, yeah that didn’t go to well, I tried to tank with Shifti and heal with Tanz, yeah that didn’t work to well either. As the day progressed (and after I finally installed the Two Box Toolkit via WoWMatrix >.<), things started moving along pretty quickly.

So via the Deadmines, a trip from Westfall to the Plaugelands (in which Shifti and Tanz were drawing more aggro than an Gnome in Orgimmar), and a run through Shadow Fang Keep, Shiftigeist went from level 11 to level 17, and Tanzengeist went from level 10 to 15. So yeah WOW! It was also pretty convenient having a rez available on both toons so if one caught aggro and didn’t survive I was able to rez the other.

Even with the deaths, it was just a ton of fun to use the WoW Recruit a Friend features and to play the different classes. It really reminded me just how powerful the hybrid classes are. It’s not so much that they bring down things all that much faster than the purely destructive classes, but it’s their endurance that’s key. Since they are able to heal themselves and deal out damage, taking on multiple mobs, tossing a heal, tossing out more damage, drinking a pot, next thing you know, 2 or 3 mobs are down. Gotta love that!

I gotta feel kind of bad for my friend though, I mean he had these two following him around all night!

I want to get a few more levels on these two before I finally make up my mind about whether either class would suit me better than the Rogue class I’m currently playing. If that does turn out to be the case, I’ve also got some experience doubling my xp via the Recruit a Friend program, so I’ll probably go that route.

For now I’ve got to get ready to log in for my rescheduled ‘lowbie night’. I’ll have to post more on this later.



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13 years ago

Hehe, yeah that’s what I’m thinking H00LiGAN. I just want to try out their abilities after a few more levels to be sure.

13 years ago

Recruit a friend is what got me to 58 so quickly w/ limited playing time. I’ve done the old world content so many times, there was no way I could stomache doing it again.
Now I’m outland bound and focusing on 1 toon only. Plus, I threw 26 levels onto my hunter to get her to 45.
I love my Shammy so far. My experience in WAR made me realize that I was born to hybrid.

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