Stupid Busy for a Breather

WoWScrnShot_020709_003122 Yeah I'm one of those people that would go stir crazy on a cruise vacation so even though I'm taking a break from leveling my Rogue in Aftermath, Auslander, I'm not totally taking a break from the game.

If nothing else just taking some time out of purely questing has got my head out of my kiester long enough to remind me that I really do enjoy running with other people.

Over the last couple of nights I swear I've typed more in chat text than I probably have over the last two weeks or so. OK well guild chat doesn't count because I always end up having a totally hilarious back and forth with one of the guilds Gnome Warlocks. Not so much the one in the picture here (still bummed that they get cooler horses by the way). Nah this is one of my best friends and leveling buddies in the guild. Yeah there's nothing that can destroy a bunch of mobs like a Warlock/Rogue combo.

I'd logged on for the guild event “lowbie night” that I'd recently taken over. For the most the folks under 60 were logging off for the night by the time I got a chance to get home from work. Meh, life happens. I did however set up a reschedule for Sunday evening. Chances are that'll work better for everyone anyway since more folks in the guild are online then.

Well after I took care of rescheduling I figured, well hey, might as well spend a little extra time on my 'experiment'. I mentioned it in passing in my last post, but here's the deal. I really really enjoy playing a Rogue, but I just can't shake the feeling that I'd only rolled the class at the time because I was just goofing around, and that if I really wanted to have a 'Raiding Main' or a toon that I'd be spending most of my time with, I just don't think that rolling Rogue would do it for me over the long haul. I'd been toying with the idea of shadow boxing a hybrid class, so a Druid or a Shaman, for well almost a month now. I did enjoy rolling a Troll Shaman and really that was only interrupted by the fact that well I HAD to make a Death Knight on release day and I just HAD to start leveling the Death Knight.

OK so all that aside it just seemed silly to try to do level a hybrid class after working so long and hard on Auslander. Sometimes though, silly can be good. I recently had an offer to roll a hybrid and a friend would help me power level the class. I figure hey, if nothing else, here's a good opportunity to take a break from the norm, try out a class to see if it really is just the class I'm looking for, and heh, let's face it, have something interesting to blog about for once hehe. >.<

I'm also going to try 'shadow boxing' as well. Figure hey, if there's a way to do this faster, I'm going to do it. Unfortunately my laptop has been downloading updates all friggin' night. Ug, it's like the first night I installed WoW, took forever just to get through the updates.

Now before folks ask, “so are you leaving your guild?” I'm going to say no. I'm taking a break to get myself on the right course. Then once I've made up my mind I'll leave it up to the guild to decide if they're willing to let me go off on a wild tangent (as I do, whenever, whether I want to or not), or if they're going to show me the door.


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13 years ago

Yeah I should have just done that hehe, but I was just thinking about so much stuff at the time that I didn’t think, “hey, just move the files”.

13 years ago

If you can, you could connect the laptop to your PC and just pull the WoW folder over. Saves you the patching. 😉

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