When a Change of Pace Becomes so Tempting…

So lately I've been working on leveling, a lot. Right now even leatherworking is on hold as I push through some more levels. I've pretty much set a goal for myself of one level a day. If I can get one level a day at the very least, I'll be making progress. Yeah Auslander did just hit 60. Only 20 levels away from the big time right! I should be totally stoked. Somehow, I'm just not. I feel sort of, in limbo.

Maybe things will make more sense tomorrow. 😀


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Skeleton Jack
13 years ago


LW is nightmarish. I’m sorry you chose that profession. >.< As to the leveling blues... *hug* x2!! 😉 Yes, I am up *WAY* too late... /cry I forgot to wash my uniform... Who's gonna be taking a nap when they got off of work tomorrow?!? ME!!!

13 years ago

Too funny dude. Yeah I probably should have stuck with mining or something, but meh seemed like a good idea at the time.

13 years ago

I agree Lann, gotta get over the grind. We need to do another Stormwind run, or a run on all the Hordie elders, I’d even be down with a raid on Hogger or something. Just something silly and fun.

13 years ago

Leatherworking is rough. I’ve taken two stabs at it with my Hunter and both times I got it up pretty high but it always trailed behind my level so I could never use any of the gear that it could create. Not even the Armor Kits 🙁

Don’t let the game become a job. Set reasonable expectations you can aim for without sacrificing what is fun. 🙂

I’d suggest aiming for 1 level every two game sessions (notice I didn’t say ‘day’). Level 80 is going to be the cap for some time now and we’ve got a lot of people working their way toward it. Hang in there!

I think the guild needs an event to get some of the grind feeling out of the way.

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