Rogue Update: Hitting 58 and Lending a Helping Hand

Yeah I know it’s taking me FOREVER to get anywhere, but a lot of that has to do with stopping off to help others or just to have a good time. I know that supposedly the game doesn’t start until 80 and I should just race to the end game and have all of my fun there. Heh, that’s just not how I play WoW.

So how was this weekend? hehe, it was awesome. I participated in a tabard only run through Orgrimmar to the elder with 4 other guild mates and then ran through Rage Fire Chasm.

Safe to say that was a blast. Yeah it took forever to get to the Elder for me and one of the other member that have fewer hit points, but it was still just plain fun.

I also picked up the ‘Going Down’ achievement in Winterfall. I was dared to jump off the top by my Warlock friend Itsmemario (great name for a gnome Warlock, hehe).

So while I didn’t really get as far as I wanted to this weekend with Auslander, I have to say that the work I put into getting Teufeltanz ready for ‘Lowbie Nights’ paid off.

Now the only problem is that ‘Lowbie Nights’ may have worked too well. Now the officers are concerned that perhaps the lower level folks will end up asking the level 80’s for help every 5 minutes. Oy, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

This whole thing started because the level 80 folks were off getting ready to start end game raiding and those of us that hadn’t hit 80 yet were still working our butts off just to get up to 80.

So yeah this is just what happens when folks hit 80, this is where their focus goes and it’s not like it’s a walk in the park to get set up for end game raiding. That’s why I set up Teufeltanz to help out with ‘Lowbie Night’ and also why I’m doing that with an alt. Some 80’s however helped me out with ‘Lowbie Nights’ and so the concern lingers. There’s some folks in the guild that have friends who are level 80 and are pushing those friends to give them a hand. Seriously, if these are the level 80’s that are whining about this stuff, then perhaps, and just perhaps, these level 80s need a little assertiveness to go with all that stamina and just say no to their buddies instead of hoping that an officer will step in for them.

Saur pointed out that it’s funny that I rolled a Rogue, since I’m always trying to help other people out. Usually I end up rolling toons like Rogues or Warlocks when I’m just friggin’ tired of helping other people out and sacrificing personal progress to boot. I guess I just get so tired of helping folks out. I’d like to have ONE level 80 toon. /sigh, there’s just no friggin’ way I’m re-rolling EVER AGAIN. I’m so sick of leveling that I seriously could quit playing all together.

Oy, I’m also really hoping that I can get a leveling partner soon. Rogues are awesome in tandem, but solo the can really bite. This is part of the reason that I haven’t switched over to a mutilate build from my current combat build. The combat abilities, at least so far, have helped me to take out multiple targets. Somehow the combat build is really starting to lose steam. My gear is ok, even if there’s more green in it now than I’d like, but somehow I’m just not killing anywhere near as quickly as I should. Then again it could be that I just need to remember that I’m not playing an ‘easy button’ class like a Death Knight anymore, and suck it up.

Heh, wow it’s amazing how cranky my blog posts can get after some wine. Yes I am old enough to drink wine. Yeah now I’m going for a second. Night all and hope the super-bowl thing was cool for those that enjoy that sort of thing.



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13 years ago

Hehe, well Nef is Shadow right now so even at 2 levels under me he’s able to pull aggro if I don’t get a chance to get in and call the mob some dirty names or something. I used to do the same thing to my friend who was a fury warrior so I know the routine from the other end of the spectrum.

Sure makes things go faster that’s for sure 😀 I feel bad though because I did get him killed while taking out a 61 elite. We would have had him if a level 60 hellboar hadn’t figured it was time for a shadow priest snack, hehe.

So now the new joke is “Priest, it’s what’s for dinner.”

13 years ago

Don’t stress over it. Like I’ve said before, if I’m on and available I don’t mind running lower level guild members through things. In fact, I’m getting a little ahead of some of the others so I need something to distract me from my Questaholism. 🙁

I saw you and Nef were grouping? How’s that working out? Having a Priest around always helps and, as a Priest, having DPS around helps too. 🙂

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