Awake for a Quake

Last night was another insomnia fest for me. For the most part I just chalk it up to creativity and usually when I can't get to sleep I doodle or I play WoW until I pass out in the middle of a drawing or my keyboard.

This morning, after having a pretty involved conversation and watching the server restart, the walls of my condo popped twice and the building started shaking. So I'm thinking to myself, woah, earthquake. Honestly the weirdest part was watching my monitor wobble. With the server shut down I did some web surfing to see if there was anything in the news and figure out if the tremors really were an earthquake. I didn't see anything when I first looked so I assumed either a garage door was malfunctioning or someone ran a car into the building or something.

I shrug it off, fix myself some toast and tea and sit down to read the bevy or web comics that make the mornings a little more interesting. Next thing I know my net connection is acting up. Ok, even MORE weird.

Fortunately my net connection issue resolved it's self with out requiring a reset. I finish reading comics and go back to the news. Sure enough almost and hour later there's a link up on KOMO News stating that there was an Earthquake in Seattle.

That's the first earthquake I've actually felt, and this is the third one I've been in the state for. I can't say it scared me at all, but then when you've had about 15 minutes of sleep, the whole thing seems more surreal than anything else.

So yeah, Friday is already shaping up to be an interesting day.


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14 years ago

Yeah same here, nothing broken, just weird.

14 years ago


Awhile ago I was playing Vanguard with Kald and a few other friends local to me (Kald is actually almost two hours east of me) when he started saying his house was shaking and there was an earthquake. We were all surprised and a short while later our houses started shaking too. Nothing was damaged, it was just sort of freaky. 🙂

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