Generally WoW: Taking Action

So when things get hairy people usually have two responses, fight or flight. When the going gets tough you can do something about it or you can turn and run with your hands in the air waving like you just don’t care. We’ve all had times where the run/wave really was the best option, even if not literally hehe. I’m one of the ‘problem solver’ kind of folk. I really like to see if I can figure out how to make things better (sometimes even if they don’t need to be better, that usually doesn’t go to well). This time I saw something that needed some improvement (I promise) and I took action to try to make things better.

WoW is a dynamic game. Sure you can play through the end game, and get the epic lewtz, but really that’s not all there is to the game. There’s a whole world to explore, exotic creatures to meet and destroy, an Auction House to master (more like disaster in my case), professions to level, seas to swim in, just… all kinds of stuff! Since the game has so much to it, it attracts people that don’t all play the same way. I mentioned the other day that I took a test over at GamerDNA, turns out that I’m more of an Explorer/Social type of player. For me having a destination is cool, but I have just as much fun along the way. Usually this doesn’t mean that I have the shiniest flashiest gear in town. When you hear a lot of folks say that the ‘real game starts at 80’ or yak incessantly about the awesome lewt they have from this end game instance or that end game instance, it can make you feel, well that you suck because you don’t have those things. I know I don’t suck, I’m pretty good at being a Rogue. Sure I don’t get in a ton of levels a day, but heh, I spend quite a bit of time making a fool of myself in guild chat. Making a fool of myself though entertains me, and honestly, I can’t say that the accomplishment of having a level 80 toon is all that much better than having a total laugh fest at the end of a very long day.

I’ve learn to accept my slacking ways and just push as hard as I can without wanting to put my head through the wall. My guild mates are cool with the fact that I’m not the fastest leveler in the world, they’re even cool with the fact that I want to be a Rogue, which I’m sure a lot of guilds would be looking at me as if I were purple, covered in green slime and had a radioactive symbol stenciled on my forehead (ok Rogues aren’t that broken but I have to have fun somewhere). This is also totally not one of those guilds where I feel like I’m putting up with people, bureaucracy and nonsense just to get a job done. There’s a time and a place for that, it’s called work time, WoW time is not work time so I don’t feel that I should have to deal with that nonsense. On this note my whole guild agrees! None of us want to deal with drama, we’re here to have fun and get some serious butt kicking in on the side. I approve of this, that’s why I left my 72 Undead Death Knight (that I love dearly), a server that has some real life friends on it (who are my best real life friends in the whole world), and rolled an Alliance Rogue. I was even there to sign the guild charter.

It’s a little tough for me rolling on a Central Time zone server, since I’m in the Pacific time zone, a lot of folks are logging off just as I’m logging on. It means that I still have to spend time questing solo, and sometimes when I log out there’s only one or two other folks online. I have to admit though, rolling in the other faction helped a lot, it’s almost like playing a new game and that has kept things a little more lively. I’d started to feel a little isolated though, and losing some folks that play when I play, only made things worse. So I decided that it was time to do something about it. I asked to be an officer in the guild and asked if I could start taking on some additional responsibilities and scheduling some guild events.

Why? Because I want to feel like I’m a part of something again. I also want to help lower level folks in the guild feel like they’re a part of something too. I mean sure, personal gain is cool and all, but it really isn’t the same as feeling like you’re a part of a group. I like the fact that I log in and people say ‘Hey Aus’, I like the fact that folks who need help will send me a tell, I like the fact that I can ask for help and receive it, I also like the fact that folks offer me help with out my even asking at all! To me, it’s this kind of group that makes WoW fun. I want to see the guild be successful and sometimes, just hanging out on the sidelines and crossing your fingers just isn’t enough. So I took the initiative and said, hey, I’ve got time, I’ve got skills, can I help out?

By doing this, it’s inspired other guild members to set up more guild activities. It’s stirred up a heaping batch of ‘cool new stuff is happening.’ I really think that for once, stepping in to help is paying off, instead of well you know, blowing up in my face, hehe. This is a really good guild full of good folks who do have a real life and real friends are more important than a game mentality. I feel really lucky to be a part of it. For the longest time I didn’t think I’d find a guild like this. Right now it’s going through some growing pains. I really feel like every guild goes through this at sometime. But I also know that the foundation that the guild is built on, it’s guiding principals are solid. As the saying goes, if the foundation is solid, everything else can be fixed.


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