Death Knight Hits 63 and ‘Lowbie Nights’ Still on!

For the second night now I’ve been running around on Teufeltanz my Death Knight. Basically I wanted to push her up a few levels so that when I help folks out in some lower level instances tomorrow night, it should be a little bit easier. I also wanted to gear her up a little as well.

Tonight I did have a blast helping one of our Priests get into the Outlands. We had a Warlock summon our Priest from the old world to Hellfire Ramparts, got the hearthstone set, and then made two runs through Hellfire Ramparts.

Last night I actually ran through Blood Furnace the neighboring instance a couple of times too, which is part of the reason Teufeltanz went from 60 to 63 in two days. I wanted to hit 65 tonight and all day I’ve been thinking about it. I just didn’t have much of a level frenzy this evening. Partially it’s because I found out that my DPS wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, so I went an re-specced again. Lannister one of my guildies, hooked me up with a few Death Knight Glyphs and I settled on the Glyph of Icy Touch and the Glyph of Bone Shield. I re-specced Teufeltanz to a similar Unholy/Blood build that I’d left off on when I was leveling Geistig. For now I think I’ll hold off on Dual Wielding until I level Teufeltanz because there’s just so much tweaking that has to be done to boost Dual Wielding DPS while minimizing the incoming damage.

It’s ok though I mean she is using Hellreaver that pole arm alone does a lot to boost Tanz’s DPS. Add in the gear I’ve picked up as I’ve gone along, and she’s pretty well outfitted for running around in Scarlet Monastery hehe.

I know it seems like a bit much, but I want to make sure that Tanz will be capable of getting the job done. I want to make this event go over well and renew some enthusiasm and confidence in the guild. Well for success or failure at least I’ll have given this a try.


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14 years ago

Me too that was fun! I usually like to just get a ‘recommended’ leveling build and go from there. But since I’m not hardcore on leveling Tanz right now, I don’t mind playing around with her a spec a little.

Honestly I wanted to make sure that I had some points thrown into more ‘tank’ style talents. When folks that are just barely able to enter an instance, they become mob magnets. By tapping into more of the Unholy AoE talents it should be easier for me to grab aggro, hold it, and keep it away from the folks running behind me.

The Unholy tree actually has a LOT of good talents for tanking. I also pulled from a couple talents in the blood tree to increase damage and add an emergency heal. 🙂

14 years ago

Who’s that awesome looking dude with the green shoulder armor?

Your DPS wasn’t all that far off Blackluna’s. It was a little behind, but not a whole lot. At one point you surpassed me and didn’t look back.

I guess it does make some sense to spec back and go with the one that makes sense for now. I know I haven’t deviated from my Prot plan since I started. 🙂 (I respeced once to move a talent point around because I misplaced it).

It was good to run Nef through there. I was happy to do it. 🙂

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