Rogue Update: 55 and All’s Well

Sweet! Just three more levels until the Outlands! I’m sooooooooo excited. Today was also a pretty fun day overall. Running around killing Sayters, killing myself with some daffy elixer, and acting as a one woman population control for Ungoro Crater. Woo Hoo!

I do have some fun stuff that I didn’t get to last night because well I was totally about to pass out. First off the Lunar Festival. So I went ahead and went to a few of the elders for the Lunar Festival and that was pretty fun. Ok well the most fun ones where Crossroads and Camp Taurajo (they’re both Hordie, hehe). After those I got a little Achievement happy so I went for 10 Coins of Ancestry, The Rocket’s Red Glare, Frenzied Firecracker, Lunar Festival Finery, and Elders of the Alliance. There’s a couple more I want to get before the festival is over, but I really just did these to take a grind break, and it was sort of fun (that and Auslander looks pretty hot in the gray pantsuit, hehe).

I also completed the Nogginfogger quests. Honestly, most fun reward ever! Here’s a screenshot:

I’m totally stoked that now I’m going to be able to go back and get more of this stuff to goof around with whenever I want. This is actually the first time I’d completed the Noggenfogger quests so I’m really happy that I got the chance to actually do them. I’d heard about them and I’d heard about the resulting award, but I’d never actually done the quests before, yeah I know I’m such a noob.

Today was even a fun day in guild chat. I was pretty much on fire just bantering back and forth with one of the new Druids. Mostly on quotes from the movie “The 5th Element” love that movie.

Aside from that a good day overall. I am starting to enjoy some of the more back stabby elements of Roguishness, so I may pop over to mutilate here pretty soon, but not too sure about that. As it stands I’ve still got to save up for my epic mount /oy and that’s going to break the bank as it is. Oh well soon enough I’ll be 60, then 70 and then… finally… 80. Let’s just hope Blizz doesn’t drop 90 on me before I can finally get my kiester up to 80 Surprised. Ok well for the love of Blood and Thunder, I’ve gotta get my butt to bed and kick this cold (so I can get some work done at work and some leveling done in game).  Wewt….

And I’m leaving off tonight with a screenshot of an impromptu guild member meet up in Moonglade.


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14 years ago

It’s always nice to stop and smell the flowers. 🙂 (or pick them… the flowers that is)

5th Element rocked. I remember getting blown away by the taxi chase scene when I saw it in the theater 🙂

14 years ago

Yeah those cars were awesome!! I like the ‘license points’ idea too, that would be really handy in Seattle.

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