Rogue Update: wewt 54 and yes I’m Back!

Ah it’s good to be back. I caught something very unfun, and I’m still working it off. My Rogue however made it to level 54 today. I’m one level away for being eligible for summons to Hellfire Ramparts and just 4 levels away from the Outlands. Oh boy it’s one heck of a grind. Yeah I know it’s not the same as it used to be, and oh I can tell you I’m quite glad about that. I can also say that getting one level per night in the Outlands was a quite a bit easier than it is in the old world. It’s kind of hard to start over again from scratch.

I did finally get to see Dire Maul today! Soooo exciting. I went in with Suar and wow what an instance! It’s got to be an herbalists dream. I have plans to go back with one of my other guildies at this point, but I think I’d rather wait a few more levels so that I’d be able to do some damage (well and recruit a tank). The downside of this instance is that there are mobs that can see right through my stealth abilities, and even popping vanish doesn’t work since they see through that too (heh). But we made it through the instance achievement and all.

Sad part is I was kind of nervous about getting the Achievement. Then my guild would know where I was at and that I was still running with Saur. He’s one of my best friends in the game right now, but he’d left our guild due to a rather unpleasant turn of events. I don’t want to get into it, but safe to say both myself and Saur are kind of caught in the fall out. We weren’t directly involved in anything that happened, we were just the closest to the folks that were a part of what happened.

Due to the events Saur chose to leave the guild. I can’t blame him, it seems like he’s seen a lot of guild drama in his WoW career and I think that really affects his perception of current events.  Being kind of a loner myself, I can sympathize with how he feels. I really just hope that he doesn’t let this one event affect the way he feels about Aftermath permanently and that eventually he’ll come back to the guild. Whether he does or does not, I hope I’ll be able to stay in contact with him and still be able to run with him once I finally hit the level cap.

I wasn’t too involved in the bulk of these events (mostly because I’ve been in bed all week recovering from this bug). I have however stuck with Aftermath. I was there to sign the guild charter, I’ve bumped recruiting threads in the forums, I’m helping the other re-rolling players, and I’m excited to level up and raid with this crew I’ve signed on with. There’s no way I’d leave that behind. I think everyone knows this, the folks that left, and even my guild members.

The last few days the guild has felt kind of strained, now at least it’s nice to know why, and it’s nice to put everyone’s focus back on having fun. For the most part, at least to me, that’s what WoW and the guild Aftermath are all about. Just having fun with other folks that want to have fun. With any guild there are times where members come in that just don’t mesh well with the guild. It happens with any guild. Some folks just tough it out so they can get loot. Others (like myself) prefer to run solo because they can’t seem to find a guild worth aligning themselves with. That’s not the way things are in Aftermath and that’s why I’ve stayed with this guild for so long. Why I’ve even been willing to switch from Horde to Alliance, to a new server, from a level 72 Death Knight to re-roll Rogue.

Yeah I’m tired of the leveling grind. I’d really like to have a level capped character. I’d like to just log on and do heroics or do daylies. I’d like to be able to just run lower level characters and guildie alts through lower level dungeons. Really, I’d like to be at the top of the food change, for a change. It seems like it’s taking forever. Then again, maybe I’m just REALLY cranky from feeling ill for a full week. Hmmm…… yeah that’s probably it.


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