What a Knight: Feeling Awful and the Gurubashi Arena

Well there’s no leveling to report from yesterday’s short login session. I actually spent a large part of the day recovering from a tenacious cold so I wasn’t really up for much WoW time last night. For the most part I logged in on Auslander to chat a bit with my guildies and Talta, you know just sort of hanging out. It turns out that Talta was up for a little help with a few quests and she needed to make a couple of stops to visit Nat Pagel and the infamous ‘Tabetha’ out in Dustwallow marsh.

Well the Dustwallow marsh visits weren’t much to talk about, except for beating mobs off of Talta a few times. After we finish those it was off to Stranglethorn Vale to kill some Kurzens and take care of a little Troll problem that Talta was having.  So running Talta through the Kurzen cave I realized that I wasn’t a) keeping mobs off of Talta as well as I’d like to, and that b) I was getting exausted pretty fast. I wanted to help her out with the trolls though, so once we finished up at the caves I logged over to Teufeltanze (my Death Knight) to help Talta complete those quests. It took me a bit to get Teufeltanz from the Outlands to Stranglethorn Vale, but wow was it worth it. Things went quite a bit faster and I was able to keep the trolls interested in me while Talta blasted them. It was good.

As we finished things up a Hordie Death Knight rode up and started picking on Talta. /oy The Death Knight was of course a level 80 and would have eaten me alive. So I wait until Talta has mounted up and moved on and I do the same. Then I type into Guild chat that I can’t believe how many high level Hordies that I’m running into down here. Gryffn, one of our younger and wiser guild members says that it’s probably because the Gurubashi Arena event is about to spawn. The Gurubashi Arena is a no holds barred event where folks in both factions and even folks in the same faction, compete for the chance to open a chest that spawns in the middle of the arena.

Upon hearing this, one of our newer members a level 80 Druid that goes by Hidinghunter decided that he wanted to participate and made his way to the arena. I’d just finished up with Talta and agreed to provide what little back up support I could with my just hit 60 overnight Death Knight. Even equipped with all blue gear and Hellreaver, I still felt like I was signing my own death warrant. Not to mention how much it’s gonna cost to repair my gear. Just as I added Hidinghunter to the group and started rushing from Northern Stranglethorn toward the Gurubashi arena, the event NPC yells out that it’s go time.

I’m watching Hidinghunter’s health bar and his image changing from elf to bear. Riding as fast as I can I finally make it into the arena. I charge in despawning my mount and rushing across the platform to the arena pit I see a Death Knight with an army of undead following him. I mouse over and sure enough it’s a fellow Guild member Saur! I jump into the fray and start blasting on a Tauren Druid in bear form who’s intent on going after Hidinghunter. I get an Icy Touch and Howling Blast off before I’m two shotted by the Druid, but hey I got a few shots in and changed his focus long enough for Hidinghunter and Saur to do some real damage. I corpse run back from the graveyard to repeat the process, I was killed a few times but the level 80 Undead Rogue and the level 80 Tauren Druid were really giving us a run for the chest. I was pretty stoked though because once I even managed to lay the fatal blow on the Rogue with a Howling Blast, hehe.

Eventually the Arena was empty and only Aftermath prevailed. Saur, Hidinghunter and myself were the last three standing in the arena. They both yelled “Get it!”. So I ran up and started opening the chest. Yeah this chest takes friggin forever to open. I see red flashes all around me and I just know that a Rogue is about to try something. Sure enough a Dwarf Rogue pops out of stealth and interrupts me. Just for that I destroyed him without remorse and went back to opening the chest. Now I’m thinking to myself, crap those level 80 Hordie are probably going to pop over here and pound me as I’m just standing here dinking with a friggin chest!

Then all of a sudden… boom… the chest opens, I get the achievement and loot filters into my bags!

Yep one of the coolest moments ever. Would I have been able to do it on my own? NO WAY! If Saur and Hidinghunter weren’t there I’d have spent the bulk of my time dead! Ok, not that I didnt’ spend a bunch of it dead as it was, but I wouldn’t have made it to the chest that’s for sure. But this is just what this guild is like. It’s pretty awesome!

Well gotta go and get some stuff done for the day, until next time!


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