Rogue Update: Mutilate Respec on Hold

Well last night I respecced Auslander for Mutilate. I grabbed a second dagger off the Auction House and ran out to try the talents. The build is pretty cool and there’s a whole lot of potential there. At 51 however, slow and low damage daggers make it kind of painful. I’ve decided for now to go Combat/Swords instead. Let’s face it, for leveling, doing steady damage and cutting through mobs as fast as possible means quests are completed faster, xp is picked up faster and the Rogue levels faster.

I also noticed that there’s really nothing like Blade Fury in the mutilate tree. This is kind of sad. Why? Well Blade Fury throws damage out on multiple mobs. When I’m in a dungeon or I just end up aggroing more than one mob, I can hit Blade Fury and it starts ticking away at everything I’m wacking around as opposed to just the single target in front of me. Keep in mind I do switch targets to apply poisons and so on, but this just makes things go a little faster. That means I take less damage and that I have less downtime. It also makes taking out the 10 mobs the Paladin tank pulled a little easier to cut through. heh

After the talent point debate, I just felt like I needed a break from the grind and decided to help out a guildy make a low level gear run through Shadow Fang Keep (SFK). To make things faster I figured I’d tap Teufeltanz my Human Death Knight.

Currently she has the beginnings of a Dual Wield spec and I plan on having her start running with dual swords once she can pick up the Alliance level 60 Hellfire Peninsula rep swords. Fresh out of Archerus Hold, she’s still wandering about in her standard issue but still menacing Death Knight regalia complete with the 2 Handed sword. Teufeltanz was also added to the guild last night when I hit accept to a guild invite that I’d thought to be a party invite. So yeah the cat’s out of the bag with my guild that I have a Death Knight. My friend that added Teufeltanz to the guild asked later if I’d intended Tanz to be more of a secret toon, but really I hadn’t asked to add Tanz to the guild because I didn’t want to clog the guild with alts. I guess one alt wouldn’t hurt. I still don’t plan on making Tanz my main at this point, yeah running through SFK (fastest run ever with a 60 Paladin and a 58 Death Knight) I was reminded just how much of a death machine this class really is. That’s kind of hard to walk away from.

In fact I actually ran Tanz out to the Dark Portal and did a couple of quets in the Outlands. What brought home how much I really enjoy rolling Rogue, was that after every mob I wanted to hit Stealth, and realized, crap Death Knights can’t stealth. With Death Knights my weapon selection is also pretty limited. Yeah I know that may not seem like a big deal to most folks, but I really like the fact that Auslander could practically carry an arsenal of weapons. This kind of flexibility makes it a lot easier for me to pick up new weapons that do greater damage as I’m out questing or instancing. When I’m limited on weapon choices, sometimes I just have to hit up the auction house if my toon outgrows their weapon without coming across a decent replacement. Yeah I know this sounds like a weak complaint, but when you’re toon is starting from scratch, every little bit saved makes it a lot easier to pay for training and buy mounts. Otherwise your running around like a kiddie with a sugar high trying to scrounge up the last of the cash needed to pay for this and that. Well that and pick pocketing can bring in some coin too heh.

Yeah it was nice to take a break from the old world grind and feel a little invincible, but it’s back to the Rogue for me, heh.


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