Busy Night: Rogue hits 52, Death Night Hits 60, and Priest hits 69

Yeah another one of those ‘just can’t sleep for some reason nights’. So I just play a little WoW. (for the record, I did get some sleep, just not a lot). Auslander is still leveling pretty quick and yeah she is still my Main (and main focus). So far she’s been ripping through mobs like it’s nobody’s business and knocking quests out left and right. Hitting 52 puts her only 6 levels away from running to the outlands and things should move a little faster once I get there.

Since the Patch landed and a fellow guildie had said that leveling Shadow just wasn’t working for him (it’s not for everyone), I thought to myself, well, Strategeist is on Rexxar now, why not spec her back to Shadow and see how she fares. It took me a little bit to get a solid rotation down, but once I did, Strategiest was actually performing pretty well. Dispersion doesn’t work quite as well as I remember, but the + damage talents in the shadow tree really help get a little extra health back on Vampiric Embrace. While Vampiric Touch only helps so much, Improved Spirit Tap really made the difference between sitting and drinking after each pull and throwing on a hot while running after the next critter. Also, having Holy Nova makes a huge difference on multiple mobs.

So after goofing off with Strategeist for a bit I tried going to bed and getting some sleep. Yeah it wasn’t working so I figured I’d get up and read a blog or two until I was tired enough to actually get some sleep. This of course lead me to wonder just what my Human Death Knight would be able to do once she’s geard up for Dual Wielding. I also realizes that she still didn’t have a guild tabard. So I figured I’d log on for a minute or two and get my Death Knight a guild tabard (and a change of hairstyle, her original one just wasn’t working for her). Next thing I know I’m running though Hellfire Citadel with some late night guildies. The weirdest part is that HellReaver dropped on the second run through. I’ve been through Hellfire Citadel more times than I care to remember and I’ve never seen this weapon drop! On the off chance that I’m unable to sleep, logging in to my Death Knight for just a little bit, and ended up finding myself in just the right place at just the right time. That’s wierd. The worst part is that Teufeltanz (the Death Knight) wasn’t really big enough to use it yet. She hit 59 on the first run through Hellfire Citadel, and after a little questing in the Outlands I pushed her up to 60. I had kind of hoped that no one was online when she hit 60. Actively leveling Teufeltanz is not one of my main goals. Really I’m just picking up where I left off with Geistig in my Dual Wielding Death Knight experimentation. Crazy I know, but it’s one of those thinks in WoW right now that isn’t stapled into a required spec for x or y. I guess that really only bugs people that actually read into why/when to use spec x or y, hehe.

Since there’s still a little room to experiment with Death Knight weapons, abilities and specs, it’s kind of fun to be a part of that. But I did sort of want to do that covertly. Really there’s already quite a few Death Knights in the guild. I’d have leveled one already if there’d been a need for one. Really I created Teufeltanz so that I would have a good character for helping make money for my new characters on Rexxar, and have a heavy hitting plate wearing character to help out Talta as well. The sad part is that with Teufeltanz hitting 60, it means that she’s the same level as the guys I started running with when I joined the guild. They’re a ton of fun to run with. But I’ve also enjoyed running with the gals I’ve been running with lately since my leveling is dragging along. It’s tempting, it really is. I think I’ll probably level Teufeltanz every once in a while, but for now I’m focused on Auslander.


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14 years ago

Nice, I haven’t been through most of the TBC content either so there’s a lot of stuff I’m looking forward to it too!

14 years ago

Looks slick.

I have yet to do an instance (other than Utgarde Keep) that is above Stratholme (which I ran for the first time last night) so I haven’t seen any of the TBC instances and I’m looking forward to it. 😀

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