Rogue Leveling Notes: Talent Builds

While Rogue isn’t the hottest class to play in WoW right now, I still enjoy it. Then I’ve also done a little homework to make sure that I pick the best talents and gear for my Rogue so that I can level her as quickly as possible. Nothing slows down leveling quite like spending twice as long to grind through quests. Well here’s the leveling info I’ve been using so far.

Right now I’m following the Rogue leveling builds I’d picked up in the WoW Official forums (link).

Here’s your build at level: (self-evident completion as far as I can see)
At 40 you respec to:  

At 50, you get to make a choice: Stay with combat/nondagger or switch over to daggers & go Mutilate.
If you stay with combat/nondagger:

If you go daggers/mutilate:
Then get 2 more fillers wherever you like them (endurance, Camo, etc..), and we’re changing topics 🙂

It’s kind of nice to have a detailed map to follow and so far, I’ve gotta say that it’s made leveling a lot easier and a lot faster. I’m pretty sure that between following these specs, doing a lot of instancing, and following Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide have made all the difference in the world. Since I work full time and don’t get a ton of time to play, every little bit helps.

But I have to fess up to the fact that I haven’t been following the builds to the letter. I’ve sort of tweaked them a bit to add in Master of Deception, Opportunity, and Camouflage from the Subtlety talent tree. Why? Ok so not only do these talents just make me feel a little more ninja like, which is always bonus, but they make it easier for me to sneak into zones and sneak up on quest targets. Not to mention the fact that opening moves like Cheap Shot give two combo points but require Stealth to pull off. Having the Subtlety talents make it easier for me to sneak up on higher level mobs and to take them out all that much faster. Without the talents, I’d probably have my stealth blown a lot more often, and it’d take longer for the cooldown to pass. It’s never fun waiting for the Stealth cooldown.

I also spaced the level 50 re-spec so I’ll have to do that tonight. I’m going to go with a Mutilate build for now. While Combat has been fun and well daggers are slow and hard to come by, I’ve got a few reasons for wanting to swap over to Mutilate. From the same article above there’s three raiding builds listed (link):

There are currently 3 builds you can take into raids, in order of increasing bossfight DPS they are:

· Combat 7/51/13
–, switch 1 point from CQB to Swordspec if you’re actually using swords.
– The spec is solid on bossfights, allows you to switch between most non-dagger weapons easily (important since sword itemization is less than good). It’s probably the most useful spec for heroics too, due to multitargetting abilities.
– Weapon loadout is Sword/Sword, Fist/Sword, Fist/Fist or Fist/Dagger; allocate points into weaponspec as appropriate
– Slow mainhand, Fast offhand.
– Poisons are Wound and Deadly, Wound goes to the weapon that hits most often (fast offhand vs. slow mainhand + instant attacks). That generally means with a 1.40 or faster offhand, Wound Poison goes to the offhand, otherwise Wound goes to the mainhand. [will recalcule for other weapon speeds]
– Start SnD as fast as possible (after the first 1-2 combopoints)
– Cycle is 5s/5r/5? (? =: more than ~12 seconds left on S&D use Evis, else pool energy and use S&D)
– Glyphs: Slice & Dice, Rupture, Sinister Strike or Adrenaline Rush (currently bugged to also reduce KSpree cooldown by 1m)

· Mutilate 51/13/7
– Higher boss-DPS than combat but requires you to pay more attention
– Weapon loadout is dagger/dagger, if possible fast daggers to increase poison damage
– Faster dagger goes to Offhand with Instant Poison; Deadly Mainhand – due to a bug that allows for offhand poisons to proc twice
– Get 3 stacks of HfB up before combat, do not let HfBdrop during combat, start SnD Early (after your first mutilate), do not let S&D drop during combat.
– Cycle: 4+ combopoints, less than ~12 left on S&D or rupture still running? -> Envenom to refresh S&D; otherwise Rupture.
– Hit Rating & Crit Rating are slightly stronger stats for this build than for combat, at least until you reach the poison hit cap.
– Glyphs: Slice & Dice, Rupture,

· Asshat with boyfriend (Ass/HAT + BF)
– This is currently the highest potential bossfight-DPS we have (due to a bug) if circumstances are right (2+ HAT rogues in party, high crit party preferably hunters). The bug (see below) causes massive influx of CPs generation if more than one HAT rogue is in the group. This is largely what’s responsible for HAT being so broken atm, as you can launch a 5-point Evis every global cooldown.
– The build is highly reliant on your party members critting often (and being alive)
– Weapon loadout is fast/fast to maximize poison procs, no matter the type (although typically daggers will be the fastest available weapons), but anything works to be honest
– Poisons are Wound for fast weapons (=< 1.40 speed), or Deadly/Wound if you have a slow one (deadly on slow)
– Cycle: Keep Slice & Dice running, spam 5pt evis
– Do not waste Energy, do not waste combopoint
– That means: Do not get so low on energy that you wouldn’t be able to evis, you don’t want to waste combopoints. You don’t want to waste energy either, so if no CPs are being generated by your party, you can bridge that period by using Hemo. This should be rare.
– Note about Stats: Evis is your primary form of damage with this build, it *needs* to connect, which means you need to cap special attack hit rating, as well as expertise. Beyond that Agility/AP/Crit seem best.
– Note about the build: If you have low Hit Rating, you can shift points away from imp. S&D to precision, as mentioned above you want 8% to make sure Evis doesn’t miss. When you have that, you can use the points on imp. S&D instead to significantly reduce how often you need to refresh it. For the non-DPS talents in Sub, you can of course pick those you want – the suggested ones are those with the best chance to increase your time on target by getting you there faster or keeping you alive.
– Glyphs: Eviscerate (!), Slice and Dice,

Yeah I know fun names right? I didn’t make these up I promise. Now before you poo poo the builds (and I mean poo poo as in blow of not the other kind that ends up as part of some bizarre quest), I’ve also seen the same kind of builds discussed in the Elitist Jerks forums. If you’re planning on getting into end game content and you haven’t been to this site, don’t tell anyone, just go there heh. Really, there’s a lot of good information there for all classes. A lot of it is really high level stuff though, so if you’re new to the game you’ll probably want to keep WoWWiki or something open in another tab to help figure out what it is they’re talking about. But these are folks with a lot of class experience and that do a lot of work/research/testing to put together good builds. Since I’m still pretty new to the game I like to look to resources like these to set up my build and make sure I’m getting the right gear.

Right now I’m leaning toward going with a Mutilate build. It may mean a little more work than a combat build, but apparently it does just a little more DPS than the Combat based build. Yeah right now the Subtlety build that uses Honor Among Thieves is putting out the most DPS, it’s not steady DPS. Honor Among Thieves adds a bunch of combo points to the target after someone in the party also hits the target with a critical strike. Building up Critical Strike stats is pretty important for a Rogue and I know that Shadow Priests used to be able to reliably douse a target with Critical Strikes when specced with Misery and Shadow Power, but I’m not sure if, post WotLK, those are still pumping out Critical Strikes.

So with this in mind, rocking unsteady DPS when you’re an unproven raider and new to a guild, probably isn’t the best way to make a good impression. I’ll probably change out the Mutilate build for the Subtlety build if it looks like the Mutilate build isn’t putting out enough DPS.

Now with all this in mind I need to oh I don’t know, actually hit 80 so that I can actually put all of this into practice. There’s nothing quite like being a low level character spouting off this great build they’re planning to use. It’s like ok, well why don’t you focus more on actually getting to a level where you can apply the points instead of spending time talking about it, hehe.


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14 years ago

Sweet Lann, I’ll have to see what I’d need for the Dual Wielding spec I’m working on. (First I have to remember what Dual Wield spec I was working on, hehe). I’ll check the guild tracker and send some ‘mailage’.

14 years ago

Sweet I’ll have to let you know. I’m sticking with combat for now though, but I might have to look into what Glyphs would work best for my spec.

14 years ago

Sure, fire me an in-game mail so I don’t forget. I also have access to some DK glyphs if you need those too. I’m pretty sure you can see what I have that addon Arelias asked people to use for tracking who can craft what.

14 years ago

Let me know if you need any glyph changes. Really, it’s no problem to make them.

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