Rogue Update: Another Instance Day and Hitting Level 51

Today I logged on a little late, but I still managed to get some questing in. Today was a little bit anti climactic really. I mean I am over the hump but, but I do feel that my leveling has seriously slacked. A lot of it has to do with a lack of focus, my drive to get to 80 and raid is still there, but my focus has drifted off a little bit. Perhaps I’m getting a little worn by the quest grind, (and of having to deal with household turmoil due to wanting to accomplish my goal /oy). Following the leveling guides can be tough when I’m skipping levels to just go through instances, but I am sticking to getting at least one level per day.

Today went a little bit slower though due to stopping to help out some guildmates get quests completed in Uldaman. Sad part is I think I’m really getting the hang of how that instance works now. There was a little bit of drama in that run though and I am partially responsible. We suffered one bad pull that wiped out the lower members of the group. One of the paladins was coming back to resurrect the others and ran into a bat that killed him again. I went back with the other high level toon running the raid to help escort the Paladin back through. A little later in the run I also had to lay the smack down to convince everyone to focus on the instance, including killing the mobs and healing those taking damage. Then of course I also had to massage egos a bit to smooth things out. Fortunately once everyone focused on the instance we did just fine. Talta was wiped out one more time after that but since she’s running as a Mage, she doesn’t have a lot of hit points to pad her from the inevitable when the nasties come bearing down upon her.

So just as that ended I put Auslander on a bird and rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Unfortunately dinner finished up at just the wrong time, when we were finally ready to head into the Sunken Temple. /oy But the gang was pretty cool about it because I jumped right into the fray as soon as dinner was completed and handed off. This knocked 4 quests out of my quest log, pushed me to 51 and put me almost halfway to 52. I should be able to get to 52 tomorrow night.

It was though kind of exciting today when Hudson hopped over to his 70 Rogue just to check the mailbox and decided to play it a little. His Rogue is set at a Mutilate spec, and he was pretty pleased to see just how fast things die when you’re rolling Rogue. Honestly, I’m totally stoked about that myself. For just a moment I got to share a little bit in just how fun the class is with someone else running with the class. The sad part is that this was actually the better part of my day. I hadn’t rolled a Rogue up until the change over to Rexxar, well at least not seriously, but I really enjoy the class. Before the patch, everyone had at least a Rogue alt. They were just the coolest class and were really powerful, which of course made them pretty sexy. With Death Knights and Hunters doing so much damage (not to mention the love Druids have recieved) it just isn’t cool to roll Rogue anymore. To me that actually makes the class MORE appealing. Mostly because it means that the folks rolling Rogue are sticking with those toons for the love of the class, not just because it pwns more.

Really I just can’t wait to get Auslander up to a level that she can be a part of the higher level guild runs. It’s just so frustrating when I feel like I’m just not leveling fast enough and when I’m worried that once I get there I won’t be able to do enough damage or that I just suck at playing a Rogue. My guild mates have been supportive though. They know that Rogues needs some PvE buffing, but we’re all hopful that it’ll come. Sure I could re-roll and play a class that’s more in vogue, that does more damage and well that would let me heal others when there’s not a healer present, but I just couldn’t justify going back to start just to do that. I just won’t do it. Well here’s looking at an 80 Rogue.


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14 years ago

Thanks Lann. I think that video use the base models and backgrounds found in WoW, but it had to have been manipulated using 3-D animation tools like Maya since a lot of those animations aren’t found in the game.

14 years ago

I’m actually envious of you for sticking with the rogue. I love the concept of rogues and almost always try playing one but for some reason I hit a wall and stop playing them.

Very cool video you posted a little while back. Do you know how they do the video editing for those?

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