Rogue Update: Hitting 50 and a Day of Helping Out

Whew, long day. So I ran around this morning finishing enough quests to push Auslander to 50 and working pretty steadily on 51. I’m totally wiped out too. I spent a little too much time online and in vent just listening to my guild mates and cracking up. Today I ran through Uldaman twice to help out some guildies, Talta came with us on one of the runs through Ulduman. I also ran through Gadgetzan to help Tatla complete some quests. Since I’m a little too tired for a long entry tonight I think I’ll post some images and write a longer post tomorrow.

A little /dance while waiting out for the first Uldaman run.

And our successful completion of Gnomregon, (including a really funny /cry by Paladin Griffyn)

Until next time /sleep hehe


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