Rogue Update: Battling Through Black Rock Deeps and Hitting 49

I think I can pretty much admit to being somewhat giddy Laughing. Tonight I was able to make it on a guild run of Black Rock Deeps and I hit 49 while in the instance. We also unlocked the achievement while we were there. It was fun getting a chance to go through this instance with a team of guild mates (that are about the same level) and just kick some butt in the instance. I’m also really happy that I’m getting a chance to see these dungeons. I didn’t play WoW back in the “vanilla” days (before the release of the first expansion pack The Burning Crusades), so a lot of this is brand new to me. Not to mention the fact that it’s quite nice to fill a half a level with instance xp, heh.

Despite myself I’m really starting to enjoy dungeons. They’re still a little stressful, but as I put into practice the things I’ve read and I listen to the folks who’ve been through the instances before so that I at least know what not to do (like when the cannons blast fire out of the walls it’s a good idea not to stand in the flames). The sad part is that I was at the base level for entry into the dungeon and my hit points where a little low. I’ve got to boost those up a bit as I go along (need more +stamina gear).

So despite the fact that I ran right into the dungeon as soon as I got home from work, and there were some technical difficulties with the in game chat software (no real surprise there hehe), it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next instance. Here’s a few more fun shots.

Tiny Mage and Bony Druid:

Dancing Pally Tank (I laughed every time)

And Druid dance in Tree Form (epic laughs)

Well night everyone!


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14 years ago

Hey! Be sure to post these pics on the guild screenshot section. Styed was disappointed I forgot to take screenshots. 🙁

You did really well in there! I noticed a big difference on DPS having you and Sky there, especially when we were working with single targets.

I hope you stopped to have supper! 🙂

p.s. I was a little rough in the morning ><

14 years ago

That’s a relief, I felt like I was just tickling the mobs with a feather duster (taking that however lol). I did get some dinner in 🙂
Yeah I stayed up waaaaaay too late myself.
I’ll post those screen shots!

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