Blog Blaarg: Analyzing the Blogshpere with BlogScope?

I was checking out my Feedburner stats (via the Feedburner dashboard), and I noticed that my blog's feed was getting pings from as site called BlogScope. Well I checked it out and evidently it's a project by the Computer Science department of the University of Toronto (Canada). It scans web blogs and anylizes the post content. Once scanned this application can evidently display word clouds based on blog posts (like the one I added in the side bar). But that's just one small part of this application. It evidently can also anylize the popularity of words across all blogs and chart timelines of word usage. While I need to do a little more reading up on it (and testing it out of course), it looks like a promising application. Just thought I'd post a quick blurb about it since it looks pretty interesting.


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14 years ago

Sounds interesting. Going to check it out. I use google analytics which gives some pretty detailed stats.

14 years ago

I think the application is built more for end users than blog owners, but the statistics element if nothing else is just kind of cool.

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