Rogue Update: Ding 47 on a Slow Slow Night

I know “Only one level! Slacker”. Auslander hit 47. Last night was pretty quiet in guild chat but I got a lot of questing in and had some fun running around with Mario one of our Gnome Warlocks. I ran with Talta from Ratchet to Feralas and Tanaras flagging myself in the process at the Great Lift. That was actually the most exciting part of the evening. I probably should have taken out the other guard after that first one went down so fast. Wink

So Tatalta needed to get to Feralas and the Shimmering flats to turn in some quests. This of course meant running through Horde territory. Being an ex-Hordie, I have a whole lot of zero fear for running through Horde zones on a PVE server. I guess it’s just hard for me to fear the Horde, they’re just too funny to me. I mean as it is after Auslander hit 20 or so I ran from Astranaar to Ratchet to get the flight path and get to Booty Bay. I just ran stealth the whole time, yeah I probably could have pick pocketed the Crossroads guards on my way (ok this is a gross exaggeration but it would have been friggin’ funny).

Any who, I met Talta at Ratchet and we rode out to the Great Lifts. I stealthed up and hit distract, and as thier backs were turned, directed Talta to run. She aggroed the closest guard so I stopped him with Cheap Shot and just began auto attacks. I was hoping to be able to hit Vanish and run for the elevator, but the guard was dead in no time. I felt kind of bad for the guy. OK yeah he’s an NPC, and on the opposite faction, and was trying to kill me, but it was a Tauren. In my book, that’s kind of like kicking a puppy, even if it is a very big puppy with horns and a hatchet.

At that point I realized that I was flagged on a Horde heavy server at level 46 and about to run around in a Horde controlled zone. /oy The sad part is that I didn’t run into a single Hordie the whole time I was in the zone! Yeah I was almost disappointed. Granted though, there’s still that ‘aura of fear and retribution’ that seems to proceed a Rogue like some kind of foul wind, but hey, it would have been nice to TRY to defend myself. Oh well another time.

The rest of that trip was pretty un-eventful. Wary of Talta’s aggro radius I went around the back side of Freewind Post to avoid the guards. Although it was pretty scary when Talta ran up to the Bat handler out of habit when whe hit Gadgetzan. I didn’t even have time to type “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Fortunately she saw a dagger instead of the winged foot mouse icon and brought her pause. /whew So then I just took her around the other side to talk to the Dwarf in charge of the Alliance griffins.

I told her the story a friend had told me about auto attacking the bat handler in Booty Bay. Yeah he was dead in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing that happen to Talta, OR getting flagged in a high traffic place like Gadgetzan. So we just had a good laugh and that was the end of things for a bit.

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to beg for a run into the Sunken Temple, but since my Rogue quest hasn’t popped up yet I’m wondering if I don’t want to wait until 48 to give it another go. It’s not really like I need the object of the Rogue quests, but for the most part I just love doing any of the Rogue quests. They just make me feel a little more, well, like a Rogue.

While yeah I loved rolling a Death Knight, and yes I do have a Human Death Knight here on Rexxar (Teufeltanz “Demon Dance”), I have to say that Rogue is by far the most fun class I’ve played. Every once in a while when I hop on Teufeltanz for one reason or another I remember running as Geistig, and I miss her power and resilience. Then again I’m reminded of the skill and flexibility that I have with Auslander, and well the itch to go back to being a Death Knight goes away pretty fast. Yeah I know I’d get to the end game a lot sooner, but since I’m one of 3 Rogues in the guild, I figure that we could use a Rogue a little bit more than we could use another Death Knight. Especially a Death Knight that prefers to Dual Wield (I’d be the only one of course).

Well gotta get to work. Ciao


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