Rogue Update: 10 More Levels to Outlands, Ding 48

Whew, level 48 and boy am I tired. So tonight I did a bit of questing and helped out Tatla to run through the Stockades. Ok well I put word in guild chat that we were headed in there and went in with a group consisting of myself, Talta, a level 70 Paladin and level 80 Druid. Poor prisoners didn’t stand a chance. I was so close to leveling though that the Palidan offered to run me through Stratholme. Yeah I was excited, first off I hadn’t been in Stratholme before, and secondly it meant getting my Level 47 Rogue out to the instance through both the Western Plaguelands and the Eastern Plaguelands. It also meant trying to stay alive in Stratholme. *gulp*

Well actually I made it to the instance just fine. I hit stealth and eased through the Western Plaguelands and really only hit trouble once I made my way into the Eastern Plaguelands. Fortunately I have Vanish and the level 70 Palidan was there to help me get through the last bit of the Eastern Plaguelands and for the rest of the journey to the instance.

This instance is kind of tough on a stealthed Rogue. Several of the mobs have stealth detect and some others have “true sight” which means that they see right through stealth. /oy So yeah that meant staying back as far as I could to keep from drawing attention to myself and hoping that Vanish wasn’t on cooldown whenever I did attract some attention. Yeah I died two or three times during the run when I just got too close to something and Vanish just didn’t do the trick. Throughout the rest of the instance though I really didn’t have too much trouble with aggro, and when I did, Vanish took care of that really quickly.

Stratholme is just a really cool instance and I’m kind of looking forward to going back and doing some real damage sometime. In the meantime I picked up some gear that will help me level and since I hit 48 I was able to pull a blue sword and pair of boots out of the bank. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll make 49 which means I’ll be able to get a couple more things out of the bank. I’m also hoping that the stats on the items will give me just enough of a boost to push me on through 58 when it’ll be time to hit the Outlands.

I know that I’ve said that I’ve been impressed with my guild and my guild mates, but wow, I really can’t wait to get up to a level where I can start to run with them. The hard part is pushing through the levels to get there. Fortunately the Rogue class talents, leveling guides, and helpful guildies are turning what would be another grueling grind into a really good time. While there’s a lot of opinions out there about how much someone owes their guild, I know that at least as Auslander, I owe <Aftermath>, well pretty much everything. Really Auslander probably wouldn’t have leveled past 10 if <Aftermath> hadn’t formed. Now I’m working hard to make the best Rogue of her that I possibly can, and in the process, make a real contribution to the guild.

That’s all still down the line a bit, but the gap is closing. Speaking of closing, so are my eyes so I should probably get a little sleep. heh, Night all.


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14 years ago

Woot! You’re west coast aren’t you? Hmm, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be able to make 7:30(ish) EST? (that’s 4:30 or 5:30 your time)?

If you can’t (or we are full and I don’t know it yet), don’t worry, we might have a second (or third) run later in the evening. 😀

14 years ago

Ooooooo BRD……

14 years ago

Woot. Very nice!

14 years ago

Thanks Faradhim. Sometimes I think all it takes is the right guild. 😉
for the win

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