What If: Epic 80 Class Quests

So if you could design or help design a level 80 Epic Class Quest, what would it be like and what would be the reward? The Big Bear Butt Blogger (Link) posed this question on his blog and well, you’ve gotta love the idea of an Epic Godzilla style Hunter pet. Or if you don’t, then you probably didn’t spend as much time watching those cheesy Godzilla movies that came on Sunday mornings in place of cartoons or some other form of popular (and ie more expensive) programming.

For me, I pretty much instantly envisioned a quest chain for Rogues that involved pick pocketing something from each of the opposing faction leaders that are combined into some kind of epic dagger. Yeah I can’t tell you how much fun I’d think it’d be to pick pocket Thrall. Makes me all giddy just thinking about it. Sylvanas, not quite so much, and well, I’d imagine that the head Tauren would just surrender some type of cheese just to keep me perpetually perplexed. (Sorry after the cooking quest on the Horde side, I still have issues with buying cheese from a cow, it just seems wrong).

Oh, and the dagger, well as per Big Bear Butt Blogger’s post, It’d be cool if the daggar’s damage scaled, if it had some bonus to stealth, and an increased chance to poision a target. Hmmm…. yeah the reward part could use a little work (and not the “randomly proccing trees that come out of my” well you can guess). But I still like the pick pocketing idea, hehe.


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