Somtimes You’ve Just Gotta Have Fun

It’s weird how much fun one can have with something as simple as a ball. There’s an item in WoW that’s just a leather ball. It’s a pretty simple thing made by Leatherworkers (which my Rogue is). I can toss it at someone in my faction and if they have room in their inventory they’ll “catch” the ball.

It’s actually turned out to be a pretty handy way to pass time, tossing the ball back and forth with guildmates while waiting for group stragglers to arrive. I like to make it more fun by stealthing and seeing if they can still hit the Rogue, but I’m pretty silly like that.

So yesterday while waiting in Astranaar for the last of our party to arrive, I figured it was time to pull the ball out again. I’d lost my last ball over the weekend after throwing it at a fellow guildie before running into Zul’Farrak. I don’t he knows what they are, so I’m pretty sure I’ve lost that one forever. I’m not too worried about it though, they’re pretty inexpensive to make. So I whipped one up and started tossing it around with Skylur and Lannister, two fellow guild members. It’s really fun to know that even folks in our guild who’ve been playing for years are still willing to play ‘hot potato’ with an in game Leather ball, just for fun. Smile We pretty much ran all over Astranaar tossing the ball around until Eviltrixxee arrived and it was time to get on our way. Seems silly I know, but for me, these are good times.

I also decided to have a little fun with a higher level guild member Saur, a level 80 Death Knight. Heh, so I snuck up on him in Stormwind and hit him with the ball and took off running. I sent him a whisper once I got to the bird that just stated “gotcha”. Now I’m due for paybacks, but it’s totally worth it just to a) be a sneaky Rogue, and b) play a harmless prank on a fellow guildie. For now I feel kind of sorry for our level capped members. They pretty much have to pug a lot while they’re waiting for the lot of us re-rollers to finally make it to 80. The good news is that we’re not taking our time, all of us are leveling like crazy! Talta has already hit 31, I’m at 46, and the rest of the folks in my wave of re-rollers are in or about to hit the 50’s. If nothing else I’m also hoping that we at least keep them entertained via guild chat and well my little stunts like this.

The higher level players in our guild have been nothing but helpful and I can’t thank them enough. Thanks to Styed’s Lowbie Nights (where higher level players run us lowbies through old world instances we might never otherwise see) and just they’re willingness to give us a hand when there’s not a lot else going on has really made a difference. For the most part I’d been running solo once agian due to my obnoxious scheduling, I’m pretty much a solid member of the night crew as I’m not on until about 7pm server time. There are members of the guild playing at these times now, and I’ve run quite a bit with Skylur and Eviltrixxee (who are a blast). Up until then though most of the guys had leveled past me over the break (as I don’t get time off /oy). If it hadn’t been for the help of the higher level players at times when I was getting swamped, I’d either be leveling at a much slower pace or I’d have given up quite some time ago. Not to mention the fact that it’s awesome to have some ex-pvp server players to shout out to when a level 80 Death Knight keeps killing the Bird Handler. Yeah that was one of the best nights ever!

The only downside is that I’ve got to make a new ball, at least until Saur catches up with me or Mario figures out what that thing is in his inventory, rofl. I don’t mind having extras on hand though since I’m just having fun with them anyhow. Yeah lugging around a Leather ball takes up inventory room, but it’s not a huge thing, and the entertainment value is huge. Now I’ve just got to wait it out a few months before I pull the snowballs out of the bank, I can hardly wait!


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14 years ago

Mailing the ball to sneaky people works too… 🙂

14 years ago

Haha! I’m going to have to remember that one.

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