Rogue Update: Back to the Grind and Ding 46

Monday Night I’d taken a night off. I guess I just needed a break. Part of me isn’t too stoked about that, but when you need a break, you need a break. Tonight though I did get a couple of quests knocked out, including picking up some Timbermaw Rep and hit level 46.

Now that I’ve jumped up a few levels after my weekend of instancing, I’ve got to figure out where to start questing again. I think I know where I’ll start so that’s set for tomorrow. I’ve also decided to go through Sunken Temple again (this time to complete the quests) so I’m picking those up as I go.

Tonight I also dabbled in a little PVP and was totally massacred in the Arathi Basin. I’m sure I could get used to it if I spent more time on PVP, but for now I’d rather focus on Dungeons and Leveling. I’m really more of a PVE kind of gal anyways. It was kind of fun though, running around, getting a few cheap shots in here and there. I should probably check that out again once I hit 49 and see how much damage I can do then (hehe). Especially once I can get some of that blue gear I’ve saved up out of the bank and onto Auslander. Doing a lot of instances definitly has it’s advantages.

So hopefully by the end of the week I’ll hit 50 and grind my way to 58. Once there it’s off to the Outlands and /sigh, where the real grind begins. Fortunately I won’t be the only one out there and I should still see quite a few instances in the Outlands. Granted I could get XP a little faster hanging out in the old world, but the quests are quite a bit more lucrative and the gear so much better in the Outlands. Speaking of which I need to remember to put together a list of what I’m looking for out there.

I’m also looking forward to getting high enough that I can start participating in Onyxia runs and some of the other old world instances that up until now were untouchable territory for me. Well right now though I need to get some sleep, g’night all.


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