Rogue Burns Through Levels and More Old World Instances

Over the weekend my Rogue went from level 42 to 45. Actually she’s not far from 46 at all but last night I just had to call it and log off for some sleep. This was another Old World Instance weekend where I went through Zul’Farrak 3 times Maraudon twice and Sunken Temple. Auslander has the achievement unlocked for all three instances. For me it was the first time I’ve actually been through Maraudon and the Sunken Temple. It’s really exciting for me to actually visit and wipe out this old world content.

I’ve never done quite so much instancing before and better yet, I’ve never done so much instancing successfully. As a Rogue I can knock off casters and do some serious damage. I’m also able to shake aggrro pretty well. I really enjoy playing the Rogue class, it’s just so versatile while still playing a very important roll in speeding up instances.

I plan on taking tonight off from WoW to pamper myself with an early night’s rest. Since that’ll give me a little time to spare I’ll post about the Rogue class’s anti caster abilities and their aggro shedding abilities. For the most part I just like throwing this stuff out there as a “note to self” moreso than anything else.

While all of my hard work is getting my closer to my end goal of serving my guildmates as end game raiding DPS, it is starting to take a toll. It looks like I’m going to have to spend less time in game or face some real life consequences. But with anything, there must be a balance, I just always have a hard time finding it and maintaining it.

While running old world instances is one of the things I love about my new guild <Aftermath> another thing I love is that the guild knows that real life is more important than the game. Most of the members are working adults with real life responsibilities and life has a tenancy to trump pretty much anything it likes at times. I know that my guild will be understanding if I take a little time out to rest up and recharge for my push to 80. Really that’s pretty priceless in a guild. Well that and a guild who’s willing to let you re-roll a new toon, that’s a new class, and a new faction. I’m not sure how they put up with me at all, well except for funny comments in guild chat right? Well until next time.


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13 years ago


Yeah, I love that the guild is patient but still very enthusiastic, motivated and willing to do some of the old content*. They are also pretty helpful. There are some really special people there to be running lowbies through content and will often do so without needing to be asked.

I hope you catch up so you can hit some of the instances with us, but don’t push yourself too hard. 😉

[i]*When you think about it, the time between getting new content leaves plenty of room for hitting max level and even going back and doing some older stuff several times. There doesn’t really need to be any rush.[/i]

13 years ago

Thanks Lannister. I’m hoping that I get caught up to, it’d be rad to add some DPS to the Pally/Druid duo you and Kal have going. If I can get Sky and Evil up there too, dang that’d be rad!

In the meantime, yeah I don’t think I’ll be pushing quite as hard as I have been pushing. I’m still vying for 80 though so I dont’ think I’ll be able to slouch much either. 🙂

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