Rogue Dings 41 and Leveling Spec Notes

Whew what a night! Yesterday morning I couldn’t sleep and logged in for a bit to finish up some quests and hit level 40. Of you course by this time I’m thinking to myself “joy only 40 more levels to go AND it’s all uphill from here”. Heh, well before logging out last night I also hit 41 and survived runs through Uldaman and Maraudon. Right now Auslander is sitting at just a little over halfway into hitting level 42 and getting to use the Widowmaker sitting in the bank.

Level 40 Re-spec (Talents Link)

After hitting 40 yesterday morning I did run from Theramore to Stormwind for training and a level 40 re-spec. No a re-spec is not required at level 40. I re-specced Auslander per a the WoW Official forums Rogue Newbie thread WOTLK Edition (link). I didn’t really have to, I could have saved the gold. Normally I just do a little research on leveling specs and I try not to be quite so methodical on re-speccing here or there, going with specific weapons and so on, but since I’m trying to get to 80 as quickly as I can (without burning out or passing out) I’m willing to take the advice of folks who’ve leveled a Rogue or two just to speed up the process. So far I have to say that information in the thread has made it a lot easier for me to burn through mobs, that then means burning through quests and finally means Ding, one more level under my belt.

I did deviate just a little from the recommended spec by maintaining 2/5 Relentless Strikes, 3/3 Master of Deception, and 3/3 Camouflage. My reasoning of course for this is that I really enjoy being able to stealth past mobs to get to quest objectives and I also really like using Cheap Shot to get a couple of combo points on a mob for Slice and Dice, before wailing on them with the remainder of my abilities. Camouflage also speeds up the stealth cooldown, making it easier for me to sneak in, kill and sneak right back out again. I’m beginning to get the distinct impression that this might actually decrease the experience points that I would be getting if I just killed everything, but what fun would that be? (Aside from hitting level 80 faster, getting to raid, yeah I know but a gal has to have SOME fun right?)

A Little PvP and Future Thoughts

So after finishing up in Maraudon one of the guildies in that group ended up stuck in the Arathi Highlands due to an 80 Death Knight enjoying an Alliance Killing spree. I was on my way back to Theramore to turn in quests and just hopped back on the bat from Menethil Harbor and headed out to Refuge Pointe. Yeah not like I was going to be able to do a lot other than offer moral support for the guildie stuck waiting for the Bird Handler to re-spawn, but by this time of night I’m usually so exhausted that most ideas seem like good ideas at the time.

It turns out this one was. I wasn’t the only guild member flying out. It was however interesting to take a look at the Armory page for the Death Knight (Dual Wield tri spec, heavy on Frost) and note that he was rolling in Tier 7 gear while waiting for the cavalry to arrive. Seeing that gear kind of made me nervous, but I learned a pretty valuable lesson last night. Despite the fact that Death Knights are well over powered (part of what makes them fun). This guy taking out Alliance Guards for fun was in turn taken out by two of our guildies a level 80 Druid and a level 78 Death Knight. Ok I know two against one right? Well if the Death Turkey had insisted on picking on a Paladin less than half his level so I kind of like to see it as a karmic slap (heh). That and I thought it was odd that the Death Knight didn’t pick on me at all after I landed there.

The Blood Elf Death Knight was rooted, kited and pounded within a matter of seconds, epic gear and all. At first this kind of made me wonder, “crap will a Rogue be able to do stuff like that”? All of the class changes of late have left me feeling pretty nervous about the future PVE and PvP viability of my class choice. Then I got over myself when the Death Knight reminded me that dealing damage is all that Rogues do. If we aren’t doing enough damage, chances are Blizzard will be looking into why. I also remembered that the skill of the player is just as important as their class and thier gear. Yeah that also means that I need to keep up with the Rogue changes and tactics so that I’m ready for what comes AFTER I get done with all of this leveling business.

Ending Notes

So in my next few posts I’m planning on writing more about the Rogue leveling spec and how I’m working it. Until next time.


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