Getting Auslander to 39 or A Scarlet Weekend

So this weekend I busted butt and put myself in the dog house, but yeah Auslander went from 32 to 38. I know not much of a jump really, but I needed some sleep this weekend too. My guildies are totally awesome! Thanks to Saur and Wickedlyhot, I ended up in the Scarlet Monastary twice over the weekend. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for not only the xp but for the silk. As a Rogue I tend to go through quite a bit of bandages. I’ve already boosted myself up to Artisan First Aid. Hehe,my guildies are also ok with my penchant for side trip screen shots.

I’m also using Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide to help me push through the levels a little bit faster. I have to say that the guide works really well and I’m glad that I finally wised up and started using it. I did start using the guide a little late though so there’s a few quest chains that I skipped. Also the instancing pushed up my xp enough that it threw me off a few times. Once I decided to just stick with the guide I managed to make out ok.

I’ve been following Rogue Leveling advice that I found in the official forums (link). Ok I usually do not steer folks to the official forums because reading them usually makes you want to either abandon your class or write a lolspeak translator. I’ve been testing what I can of the info in the post and so far it’s turned out to work well. That means that I’m leveling as combat. My current spec however is totally horrible **Disclaimer** Don’t use my spec **/Disclaimer**. Really the only problem that I do have with the spec posted on the forum is that it doesn’t put points into the Subtlety tree. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m enjoying being a Rogue WAY too much and I pretty much pop stealth and glide through zones without aggroing a thing (ok so I did aggro the guards around Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh, heh, but sometimes it’s good to get pummeled it reminds you where your boundaries lie and yeah to never do that again). Since I put points into Master of Deception and Camouflage I am able to stealth through mobs much more easily. This ALSO makes it a little easier to pick pocket. Pick pocketing increases my gold and my chances at getting poisons and locked junkboxes (leveling my lock picking skill). So yeah I’m trying really hard to remind myself to pick pocket and then kill. Yeah that can get a little tough when I get into an almost Zen like state and end up clearing out a zone without realizing it. Heh, oh yeah, did I mention that I like playing a Rogue?

Also if you’re leveling Combat, it’s really difficult to equip a dagger, pop stealth, sneak up behind a mob (a lot of them have their back to something which makes this even trickier), pick pocket, hit Back Stab, and then switch back to a sword/mace from the daggar/fist weapon. /OY!

The good news is that at level 26 you get Cheap Shot. Oh how I LOVE Cheap Shot. This ability doesn’t require a dagger or fist weapon AND gives me one or two Combo Points. So now my rotation is pop Stealth, sneak up on a mob (preferably from the side or back but I don’t HAVE to be behind the mob), pick pocket, Cheap Shot, Slice and Dice (because you’re always supposed to have Slice and Dice up to get the most ouch possible on a mob), then I hit Sinister Strike until I have three or four Combo Points up which I can then blow on Rupture or Eviscerate. Hehe, yeah it’s awesome.

I’ll probably deviate from the level 40 re-spec listed in the forums just to keep these skills. I may even end up going for an Honor Among Thieves raiding build just so I can do some end game damage AND keep my Subtlety points. Well time will tell I guess right?

Auslander’s Lock Picking is at 170 (after picking all of the looted junk boxes and returning to have a go at the Poison Quest chest until it went gray at 170). This puts me up to Strong Iron Lock boxes. Now there’s some pretty tempting lock boxes that I saw in the waters of Desolace that have my name all over them!

As for tonight I’m totally exhausted so I’ll probably log in for a bit to work on my fishing and cooking and then call it a night…


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