Living Vicariously: Skeleton Jack Maxes Death Knight Dual Wield DPS

It's times like this that I miss playing a Death Knight the most. I don't miss running solo just to level but I do miss the absolute and indiscriminate damage that a Death Knight can put out. /Sigh I also miss being one of the folks pushing the envelope by Dual Wielding as a Death Knight. It meant a slower leveling grind for me in researching the gear I'd need to Dual Wield effectively, to set up my talents correctly, and to assess the best rotations, but when Gesitig threw down the gauntlet, things… just… died. Yeah it was a beautiful thing to watch. 

*Note* I'm not really a violent person, I just play one in WoW. (feel free to laugh insanely starting … now).

Skeleton Jack posted about a recent Naxx encounter where he hit 5700 DPS on Patchwork. Ok, ok…. WOW! He also describes some talent trees, gear and so on to make DPS like this possible. Also if you're a Death Knight Dual Wield enthusiast you'll also want to check out a more recent post by Skeleton Jack that goes over some Dual Wield talent trees and abilities (Link).

Yes, this does give me the "GO BACK TO YOUR DEATH KNIGHT YOU DAFT BINK" sort of twinges. Don't worry I will one of these days, but I wanted to see what it was like to level as Alliance. I can't very well do that with a Death Knight, I mean they exit the womb of the noob zone at about level 58. Granted though it WOULD be nice to have a farming toon on Rexxar to build up a little gold for myself and Talta as we make the push for the level cap. Hmm… More points to ponder, heh.


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