Slow Night Grindwise but Paying it Forward

So today I took some time off from the grind to help out Azmim and get together enough leather for some Medium Armor Kits to help out the guild. I still need to get some more leather so I can throw some more of these into the bank but for now I’ve got a few of them prepped and out. I also spent some time helping out Azmim now Talta in completing some general quests and her Mage quests. She’s really excited about hitting 20 and learning Portals. I can’t say I blame her really, it’ll be pretty awesome to pop a portal whenever she wants! I’m also looking forward to getting her up to my level so we can knock a few levels out together.

She has quite a bit more play time than I do so she should be able to catch up fast, then zoom past me, and then wait up for me for a bit. Hehe, gotta love the cycles of things.

Aftermath just keeps on growing. The GL has posted in the Official Forums and at It looks like it’s really paying off as we had a handful of new members join in the fun tonight. We also have a few re-rolls so I’m looking forward to offering a hand to them when I can just as I have with Talta. If nothing else in my book it’s just paying forward for all of the help I’ve received since joining the guild.

Running through the Arathi Highlands today, I did feel a twinge of guilt. I missed my Horde toons just a bit. No matter how much I miss running for the Horde though, I can’t say that I’d be willing to leave this guild and make my way back to the stoic solitary grind I’d known as a member of the Horde. I have to say too that this whole experience even has me branching out whenever I can to help out others or join in quick groups to complete quests. I guess it’s just the confidence of knowing that I can play a Rogue well and that I’ve got a fun guild to run with if need be.

Tonight Aftermath hit up Onixia and a few other old world instances to help out some guildies with quests. I’m looking forward to pushing up Auslander enough to participate. As I posted a bit ago, I’m really looking forward to gearing up for and taking part in the old world instances as well as working on the new content. Hey since I started WoW after the release of the Burning Crusade, these old world instances are new to me. Since the attunements have been dropped for these instances, it’s also a lot easier for guilds to group up for the old world instances and get a nice set of Achievements knocked off the list while they’re at it.

Well I need to get some sleep, tomorrow will be another very long day.


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