Rogue Update

Auslander is now Level 30, which of course means that now she’s able to train for a mount and as joked in Guild chat, that she is someone now. Only 50 levels left to level cap. Whew, quite a ways to go. It is however going a lot faster with my current gear set up. The only ‘of the Monkey’ item that I haven’t looted is the Decapitating Sword. These items have made leveling much easier. I do however need to make sure that my talents are on on track for leveling.

I’m also stoked that Azmim is joining me on Rexxar as well. She’s running as a Draenei Mage. She’s leveling a lot faster as a Mage than she did as a Priest. She’s also a Jewel crafter/Miner and she seems to be having a lot of fun too. She’s also joined Aftermath. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time running with her, especially since the Draenei also have a +hit aura which adds to the wanton destruction I’m already able to wreak throughout Azeroth. I’m looking forward to us being a destructive team.This will be a little new though since neither one of us are healers, but it should still be fun none the less. Hehe, destructive duo…

Well, gotta get some sleep, tomorrow it’s back to the grind. But here’s one last shot of Auslander, she’s not as sexy as a Blood Elf in terms of Roguishness, but I’m gearing her out as best I can. Also the Human ability Every Man for Himself, has come in handy quite a few times. Sure she’s not an undead but she’s still a pretty fun toon.


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