Wait Dude, You’re Not a Dude?

Dang it! Found out AGAIN. Oh well, it always happens sooner or later. Using vent doesn’t help, my mousy voice is always a dead give away. Eeeeep! Yeah, I don’t ever really tell folks from the start, “oh by the way I’m a chick”. Even when folks say “yes sir” or “way to go man”, I don’t say, ‘err I’m a gal’. I don’t really care about that. Being female is just something that I am. While the world tries to make it out to be a big deal to be one gender or another, to me it’s no different than having brown eyes or black hair, it’s just something that I am and I go with it. The wierd part is that sometimes when folks find out it can become game changing for me. Sometimes folks treat me differently once they find out. I’ve always had an easier time being around and making friends with guys than I have with girls. I have two brothers and grew up as a ‘tomboy’.

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Aliens’ I’d have to say I’m kind of like the character ‘Ripley’. While female, being a gal didn’t effect the fact that Ripley had to survive and that there were others that she was cooperating with to try to make it out alive. She was just a person doing what any person would do and her gender didn’t affect her actions. That’s sort of how I live. I may be female, but that does NOT define who I am as a person.

For the most part I’ve always participated in activities where there were more guys than gals. The guys just seemed to have more fun! The cool part about being online is that everyone just assumes that you’re a guy. I kind of like that. I’m not hit on, no one’s treating me differently, I’m just ‘one of the guys’. I really don’t mind being treated like one of the guys. Unless I’m dating a guy, funny how a lot of guys don’t understand that taking your girlfriend to the baseball stadium with all the buddies in tow isn’t quite the same as going out to a ‘just the two of you’ kind of dinner (sorry, flashbacks). It’s sort of a time and a place for everything sort of deal. There’s a time and a place for being ‘one of the guys’ and when playing a game, that’s a good time!

Anywho, I’m pretty sure that in my new guild it won’t be a big deal that I’m a gal. There are other gals in my guild (at least I hope there are) and most of the guys have girlfriends and even wives. That does make a difference. No I didn’t try to hide my gender from my new guild, I just didn’t announce it. Like I said, it’s just something that I am, it’s not something that I openly advertise. “But wait Creep, you’re talking about it on your blog, isn’t that the same thing as announcing it?” Well yes and no. If nothing else my blog is about my gaming experience. While I don’t go about screaming “I’m a chick” online, I’m still a female playing a game with a predominatly male player base. When folks ask if I’m a gal, I do admit it, I’ts just not information that I volunteer. My gender can effect my gaming experience and so I blog about how it affects that experience. Gladly for me it doesn’t affect my experience very much and I like that. Like I said I really don’t mind being treated like one of the guys, if nothing else it just means that I’m an accepted member of the group. In any situation, that’s far more important. When in a group where functional cooperation is the difference between success and failure, it’s more important that the group is able to work together without concearn for gender, race or any out of game stuff that could affect that cooperation.

Yeah it also does seem like a dead give away when you see that all of my toons are female as well. The funny part is that it really isn’t much of a give away. A lot of guys prefer to play female toons. I mean think about it, if you’re going to spend hours looking at something’s back it might as well be a member of the opposite sex right?So really I kind of use this as a way of hiding out in plain sight despite how odd it might seem. For the most part a lot of gals just roll guy toons. I tried it, it’s just not my thing.

Well now it’s time for some Rogue blogging…


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14 years ago

If there’s something I have learned in the 20+ years playing video games is this:

There are gamer girls, and girl gamers. You would be the latter.

14 years ago

W00T! I’ll take that!

14 years ago

I’ll chime in here (I added your blog to my reader and saw this).

One of the big surprise factors of actually seeing a girl playing a game comes from a number of places but I think these are the big two:
1) Older generation of gamer where girls generally didn’t play computer games and those folks using the female models in FPS games were doing so because the bounding boxes for collision detection was smaller meaning you wouldn’t get hit as often. 🙂
2) Having discovered that, more often than not, the female avatar is actually a guy who just prefers looking at a female character on screen and a male.

I think I’ve had one female character in EQ2 though I admit I made a couple in CoH :$

(Kaldonar had a phase where he was making female characters until I teased him non-stop about it. Not that it matter, it was just fun pestering him. :D)

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