Rogue Changes Past Patch 3.0.2 and Leveling

Yes I know it the era of the Death Knight, why roll Rogue? My only response of course is, ‘because I can’, heh. So now that I’m leveling a Rogue I’ve noticed that there are a few changes to the Rogue class after patch 3.0.2 (and the addition of Wrath of the Lich King) that can affect a leveling Rogue. The biggest affect of course is that patch 3.0.2 did make life a lot easier for Rogues by changing when we could get certain talents, reducing cooldowns on some particularly necessary abilities, and even making more room in our bags. These are all AWESOME things. The downside to a lot of these new things is that they aren’t all documented in one place, so I’m thinking it would be a good idea to put together the info that I’ve found recently to help me level Auslander here. [more]

*Note, this article is written more for the totally new to the game audience so if you’ve leveled a Rogue a few times some of this may be repetitive, but these changes may be handy to know.

Resource – WoWWikki Patch notes: Link

Item 1: Lockpicking

One of the most fun parts about being a Rogue is that you can pick locks. At Level 16 the Rogue Trainer will offer the ‘Pick Locks’ ability. This really hasn’t really changed since Patch 3.0.2. One thing to keep in mind though is that when you accept the Rogue Lock Picking quest you’ll get an item called Thieves’ Tools. Before patch 3.0.2 you needed to have these in your bag before you could pick locks. Fortunately this has changed (to make room for the insane amount of bag space required for some Outlands and Northrend questing oh and farming of course, heh).

“So Creep, should I still do the Lock Picking quest?” – I’d say yes. Why? Hey, it gives you extra experience points which is always good, and it leads you to a convenient place to level your lock picking skills. I’m always seeing requests for opening locked boxes so I’m more than happy to level up my Lock Picking skills. I’m also happy that there’s one less thing in my bag to worry about (despite the fact that I need to get the Theive’s Tools out of my bags, I just keep forgetting).

Item 2: Poisons

Ok so pre 3.0.2 I guess you had to mix your poisons. No I’m not talking about a Martini, shaken and not stirred (had to go with the James Bond reference there). I’m talking about the handy poisons that help make a Rogue all that much more deadly. What does this mean? Well once again it’s one less thing to craft, and one less bag hog. So now all you have to do is purchase your poisons from Poison Vendors or Shady Dealers (same thing sort of just more stuff). It does make things easier, keep in mind that the Poisons don’t last a long time so you’ll need to keep these in stock and they do still take up a little room in the bags. They can take a hit off you’re gold too sot pick pocketing mobs before killing them is still a good idea (because you actually get to loot twice).

This also means that the ability to use poisons is available at Level 20 whether you accept and complete the level 20 Rogue quest. It’s still a good idea to do this quest though because the end reward is Thistle Tea. This is very handy for Rogues since it gives you instant energy. The downside is that it requires the use of Swiftthistle which is an herb gathered by Herbalists. Unfortunately, Swiftthistle can’t be found by it’s self, it’s just usually found ‘with’ certain kinds of herbs. This means that there isn’t a steady or common supply of this herb. Yeah this one as Oy written all over it. You also have to be a cook of at least level 60 to even make the tea at all. This will however save you a little gold in being able to make this item yourself. Also Druids have similar abilities to Rogues when in Cat form including Energy. This means that if you have a Druid running with you you can offer this to them and or sell it in the Auction House. Honestly though I can’t say whether this brew offers much of a profit though, so you may want to do a little checking before running to the Auction House.

Also take some anti-venom (First Aid) with you on this quest as completing the quest will offer a very nasty surprise. This is a really fun quest and gives you an opportunity to use your stealth to obtain quest objectives and sneak past pats. The downside is that once you get to the last quest objective, there’s a nice little poison trap loaded on the box that’ll blow out your stealth. The anti-venom will remove the poison. If you’re First Aid isn’t scaled up to this yet, that’s fine, there is a cure offered at the end of the quest line (after fulfilling another quest line). The whole quest line for me though the poison quest and the ani-poison quest was pretty fun in that they have a fun ‘secret agent’ feel to them.

On the Alliance side, the chest holding the quest item can be used to boost lock picking to 175. So yeah, anti-venom, you’ll want to keep this on hand.

Ok so if you take a look at the link to WoWWikki above and look through the Rogue changes you’ll see a few more. As I come to them I’ll be adding them. As it stands Auslander made 25 today so I’ve got quite a way to go. First I’ve got to get some sleep and get over a head cold so that I’ve got enough energy and concentration to get some serious leveling in! Thankfully a high level guild member did help me complete the Stockade quests, but I really need to work at finding groups to quest with and instance with, if for no other reason then to help find new guild members!

Well g’night all!


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