Christmas Day Means Family Phone Calls and 2 More Levels

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I'm hoping that everyone had a happy holiday this year! I realize that my blog is not brimming with holiday cheer and that's really just a reflection of how I feel this holiday season. The relatives that I'm closest to all live pretty far away, I was the last family member to stay in Seattle so I always get a little reminiscent this time of year. Fortunately through the magic of cell phones, I did at least get a chance to chat with my family on Christmas day, and Christmas eve. [more]

Due to communication errors it turned out that I didn't have to work on Christmas eve and spent both the 24th and 25th at home. After walking in to the office on Tuesday morning and sitting in an office with no heat for the rest of the day, it was really nice to have a chance to warm up at home. The white Christmas in Seattle this year has been pretty and pretty annoying at all the same time. In the end though I've got to say that a little chaos every once and again just keeps life interesting. Things should be improving next week once the weather warms back up again. Heh, we get to look forward to 3 to 4 months of soggy days. 

Since my last post Auslander has already hit 22. Myself and a couple other guild mates have already picked up quests for the Stockades and I'll probably either run with them tonight or beg for a run through to get those quests done and handed in. I'd probably be a bit further along than this but I spent a good part of the day yesterday making a run from Astrinaar to Booty Bay. Once again the kick awesome Rogue abilities served me well as I stealthed through the Barrens and right into Ratchet.

The funniest part was when I was leaving  Ashenvale and headed into the Barren, a 70 something Undead Death Knight saw me stealthed and assumed that I was flagged. Hopping off her horse she threw out the grabbo arm to teach me a lesson, and FAILED. Haha! Well I wasn't flagged. Since I'm now an ex-hordie I know where the guards are posted and I know what places to ninja around, thereby keeping my keister in the clear.

I'd hit stealth to make sure that I didn't aggro anything as I was making my way to a nice little unguarded hole I'd found a while ago leading into the Barrens. The Undead Death Knight had assumed that just because I'd popped stealth that I was flagged for PVP and that I NEEDED to be attacked. I was laughing my butt off because I'd hit stealth before I ran into any hostile Hordie NPC's.

Since Rexxar is a 'Normal' server, players can only attack other players if they change thier settings so that they can be attacked by other players or if they attack/are attacked by the NPC's of the other faction. The cool part about this is that it lets me run through hostile territories and as long as I avoid the hostile faction NPC's, the players can't mess with me. This of course is key because I'd find it pretty embarrassing to be corpse camped on a 'Normal' server. 

It does happen though. Azmim and I were running through the barrens and a Human Warlock was standing over the Corpse of a Blood Elf. Well unless somehow the two were friends, I had a strong feeling that the Warlock was just waiting for the Blood Elf to return to claim their corpse and then destroy the little Belf all over again. I'm not a fan of PVP combat and while Azmim and I could have given the Warlock a run for her money, she was slightly higher level than we were, and Azmim was still pretty new so I didn't want to push my luck. I did however stand there with Azmim. A Troll Shaman and a Troll Priest combo would make life pretty difficult for a Warlock. Eventually the Warlock realized that the Blood Elf wasn't going to claim their corpse today and we were starting to make her a little nervous. We weren't attacking, we were just watching and waiting. It's fascinating just how nervous this can make people. 

Eventually the Warlock decided to make a run for it and headed for Thousand Needles. As she was running off a level 70 Tauren Warrior came riding up behind her, popped off his mount and made short work of her. While no I'm not a fan of PVP, I am a fan of Karma and well if this wasn't a prime example, I don't know what is. Azmim of course though that I'd lost my mind for even worrying about this kind of thing instead of getting back to questing. I am a little nuts, but if nothing else she needed to know what was going on and what happens when you get flagged for PVP.  

Arguably the run to Booty Bay was one of the more exciting solo adventures I've had in WoW for a long time. I'm a big fan of making up my own little challenges in the game, just to see if I can do it. The best part was startling the level 14 Troll Hunter as I passed by him on my way into Ratchet. I picked up the Ratchet flight path and jumped the boat over to Booty Bay. Picking up the flight path there, I can now fly back and forth from Stormwind to Booty Bay. 

It turns out that adventure was worthwhile. After running with fellow guildies that evening it turns out that they needed the Expert fishing books only found in Booty Bay. I just hopped the bird down there picked up a few copies from 'Old Man Hemming' and Hearthed back to Stormwind. I was more than happy to do this for these guys since they let me tag along with them and rip through the Redridge quests. There's not a lot that a Paladin, Druid, and Rogue can't take down. It's a pretty fortuitous team! 

I feel kind of bad that I had to work today (I'm also feeling pretty chilly since the heater still isn't working), since that means Auslander's blades are idle while my fingers are freezing. It's a harsh thing to do to a gal (both Auslander and myself). It's probably a good thing that I take a break from the game though and get out a bit, even if it is just going to work.


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