ReRolling on Rexxar and Running Rogue

As I’d mentioned in  Taking a Vacation and Seeing How the Other Half Lives, I rolled a Human Rogue to take a look at the Alliance side. Not long after rolling a fellow blogger Hudson of Hudson’s Hideout announced he was creating a new guild on Rexxar. I took a look at what Hudson wanted the guild to be like and I was stoked, it’s just the kind of guild I’d been look for this whole time. It’s more of a guild built on cooperation and camaraderie, with the end goal being getting a solid group together for end game content. I’m VERY excited about getting a toon level capped and getting into end game content. More so now than I’ve ever been.

The downside is starting from square one with a brand new toon in all new zones. Up until now all of my characters have been Horde. It’s kind of fun though rolling through the Alliance zones (without getting slaughtered), seeing the sights, meeting the people, and slaughtering the mobs. Ah, life is good. It is kind of frustrating to not have a mount, to have a smaller supply of gold, you know all of the annoying little things that come along with being a new toon. The new guild though, Aftermath, has been really helpful. I’ve really enjoyed running with other guild members on quests, I’ve even had higher level guild members take time out to give me a hand with a quest or an instance. It’s been awesome. I’ve helped others out a little too here and there, hopefully I’ll be able to help out even more once I get a few more levels under my belt.

Over the last week I’ve wondered if leaving my current server and my high level baddies is such a good idea. Then again I also remember the countless hours of grinding solo, running once in a while with a cool person never to hear from them again, and running with well not so cool folks the rest of the time. I admit it does sound really weird for a person to want to totally re-roll just to be in a newly formed guild. I doubt it’s unheard of, but still I’m sure it seems pretty odd to most folks. Then again it’s just hard to place a value on being in a guild of folks who are fun and helpful. It’s also kind of cool that a bunch of the folks are kind of tech oriented. To me that’s really cool too.

So now Auslander my little human Rogue is now my main. Kind of sad, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. She’s already at 20 and with some time off this week, I’m hoping to get her boosted up a bit more (hopefully closer to a mount).

Playing a Rogue, is very different from playing a two handed weapon toting, plate wearing, hero class, but I like it all the same. I’ve solo’d quite a bit. For the most part this is because I’m usually one of the 8 people online when I get a chance to log in. So I’m used to trying to move around mobs, take out the things on the outside, and other sneakier tactics. What I loved about playing Geistig my Death Knight, is that I felt confident going where ever I wanted to go with out fear of being constantly destroyed in the process.

I took the “Bartle Test of Player Psychology” over at GamerDNA. It’s sort of like a personality test for gamers. They pretty much show folks as being dominant in one of 4 types and then having a secondary type that kind of fleshes out their play style. That test came out pretty much just as I expected it to. I’m an Explorer/Socializer. Single player games don’t really work well for me because I like to chat with someone and get a response. Just talking to NPC’s all the time kind of makes you feel like it’s time to book a padded party room. This also explains why I’m pretty stoked about my new guild.

The important part to note here though is that I’m an explorer. It’s this element of my ‘gamer’ personality that has me hooked on WoW. In this game I can swim to the bottom of a lake just to see what’s there. I can climb to the top of a tower and view a distant horizon. I can even wander into a library and read the books! Yes I like reading the books, I’m that much of a dork.

The explorer in me LOVES playing a Rogue because the Rogue can go anywhere. Sure I have to ‘ninja’ around a few critters so that I don’t have my arse removed and then handed to me. As a Rogue I can activate a stealth skill and navigate safely through otherwise hostile areas. If I get caught I can hit a speed ability that sprints me right out of the situation. I can also pick locks so getting into stuff or places is  lot easier. I have a wide range of weapons that I can utilize so it’s a lot easier to come by my weaponry. I can also pick pocket flying money, so traveling isn’t as much of a burden.

Granted, most folks consider Rogues to be damage dealers. It’s typically a class that’s most popular with the pvp/killing crowd. For me though I really like how the Rogues abilities mesh with my overall playstyle and just make the game more fun for me. Not to mention the fact that on the Alliance side, Rogues are seen as sort of ‘secret agents’. (Hmm… would double o Aus work?). I’m kind of getting into the spy/secret agent element of the game. It adds a whole new dimension to the “run out and kill everything” sort of mentality usually associated with WoW questing.

Here’s an example. So for one quest I had to pick pocket a key from a nasty looking undead that would have been VERY difficult for me to take out alone. One quick ‘yoink’ and I had just what I was looking for and moved on without scuffing up my blades. Next I had to get up into the top of the tower past a group of really unfriendly undeads that were patrolling around the outside of the tower. Popped stealth and buzzed right past them, no questions asked. In the tower I did have to take out two guards, fortunatly one at a time. Once they were *cough cough* handled, I monitored a pair of patrolling guards on the next level, and as soon as I had a window, I tip-toed right past them and up to the next level. Gotta love that. Once at the top level I just walked up to the the quest object, unlocked the box with my handy lock picking skills and I was ready to hearth out of the joint. OK I know a lot of folks are asking, “why didn’t you just kill them all”? For me, the fun is knowing that I can kill something, but also knowing that I can skirt right by it if I don’t want to deal with it.

It’s the Explorer side of me that’s also been bugging me about wanting to see the Alliance side of things. So far I’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t had to poison anyone’s dog. There are way fewer ‘Bring me the head of x’ quests. I even get to do cute fun little quests like giving a little girl back her necklace or helping two lovers run away together. Sure it’s kind of sappy but after playing the rather embittered Horde this whole time, it’ll probably do me some good.

So why am I even writing about this? Well mostly just to let folks know that at least for now, I’m not going to be playing a Death Knight full time. I love that class and I might play one again in the future. For now however I’m rolling Rogue and I’m loving it. I’m also enjoying my time on Rexxar in my new guild Aftermath. I’m glad Hudson set it up and that I’ve had a chance to be a part of it. So far the guild has helped a lot of lower level players blast through instances to get us all leveled up and ready for the big time. It’ll be fun to see what the future holds for this guild and for all of us.

Also if nothing else it’s really nice to get my mind off of all the snow we’ve had here in Seattle the last few days. I can’t wait to get the rain back, and I can’t believe I’m even thinking that! (insert laughter here).



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13 years ago

We are glad to have you. It may be a little slow to start until we ramp up recruiting, but getting the word out is the best thing we can do. Hang in there and thanks for the kind post

13 years ago

Thanks, I’m really enjoying the guild. I don’t feel it’s very slow at all! I’m leveling pretty fast. I’m just hoping that everyone will still be there by the time I hit the level cap! 🙂

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