Updates to the Death Knight Resources List

So I read over the Big Bear Butt Blogger post today entitled: An open letter to a Death Knoob. It was a fun post but really it just kind of outlined what a lot of Death Knights are going through, which is, learning how to play an integral raiding class from level 55. It can be a bit challenging if you’ve never played a taking class before, and it can be really frustrating for folks you’re running with. It helps if you’re in a good guild that’s willing to help you get the experience you need to learn the ropes. But if one of those aren’t around, getting some reading in can’t hurt. Well except for the repair bills and the noob comments, but come on, if you’ve been playing WoW long enough to have a level 55, then well you know. On that note there were some links in the comments section of the B4s post to The Stoppable Force and this author’s Death Knight guide entitled ‘Stop mashing buttons and learn to kill things‘.

I’m glad I saw those links since this was one of the many blogs I’d meant to get back to. You know how that is. I’ve added the links to the various parts of the guide to my Death Knight Resources page. There’s a lot of stuff out there and well it’s handy to have links for it all in one place.

Heh, I’m not too great with people but give me a computer and watch me go! Yeah I don’t really GO anywhere, but I can take some otherwise useless characters and turn them into pretty web pages. I’m leaving a standing invitation that if anyone has any Death Knight posts, guides, or even comics, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll add it to the list.

Here’s wishing for snow and a good night’s rest.



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